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Service Continuity During Covid-19

We’ve received a number of client queries about service continuity against the backdrop of the current Covid-19 pandemic. As such, we thought we’d take the opportunity to address the issue here on our blog and to share some information about our established business continuity and disaster recovery processes. Prommt is, and will remain, fully operational.

How to challenge chargebacks and win

How to challenge chargebacks and win

Unfortunately, if you accept card payments, chargebacks are a fact of life. The chargeback process is designed to protect the cardholder. As a result, fighting chargebacks can seem like an uphill struggle for merchants. That said, getting hit with a chargeback doesn’t immediately mean a total loss. With a little knowledge, you can effectively fight chargebacks and win.

Storing Customer Credit Card Information

Contactless Commerce; Providing Goods and Services During a Crisis

During a coronavirus outbreak, affected areas are likely to see significant reductions in footfall as people seek to avoid contact and exposure. The need for goods and services, however, will not decline. Thankfully, there are now more tools than ever before to help keep businesses running and essential goods and services flowing.

Prommt in the Auto Industry

Take your payments up a gear with Prommt

Dealerships, garages, distributors and even motor insurance companies are all using Prommt to improve their payments process while enhancing customer experience. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how.

Hotel Phone Payments

62% of Hotels Still Take Card Payments over the Phone

In a recent study by Prommt of Irish Hotels Federation members, 85% of the hotels surveyed said that GDPR and PCI compliance was important in relation to payment processing. In the same survey, however, 62% of hotels said that they still took card information over the phone.

Hotels and Payments: Survey findings

We recently surveyed Irish and UK hotels for their views on challenges and opportunities around payment communications. The results show that hotels are eager to improve in a number of areas.

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