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Só Hotel Group

Case Study

Find out how Prommt has helped Só Hotel Group with GDPR compliance whilst streamlining their reservations process.

The Challenge

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The Só Hotel Group were concerned about their data collection and retention practices with the arrival of GDPR in May 2018 as their previous booking processes exposed them to elements of data protection risk.


They understood there was a need to make improvements to their payments solution in order to become fully compliant with the emerging legislation changes.

The Solution

The Só Hotel Group signed up to Prommt in early 2018 and have since used it to ensure that they no longer request customer card details over the phone and do not store them within their business.

Implementing Prommt has allowed them to streamline and automate much of the process and as a result, they are now able to reduce the number of staff involved in reservations. The hotel will always explain to their customers that this is for the protection of both parties’ data and while some customers may still want to pay over the phone, they’ve been very successful in changing customer behaviour.

The group also utilise Prommt’s ability to attach a standard hotel invoice giving the customer a full breakdown of charges ensuring a customer is always aware of what they are paying for. Prommt provides the Só Hotel Group with secure and intuitive web interface so staff can see which payments have been successful and automates the process of sending follow up requests to those who have not yet paid.  

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Because the Prommt experience is so straightforward for the end user, we’ve been very successful in getting our customers to use it and now we don’t take a single card payment over the phone.

Lisa O’Farrell

Reservations Manager, Castletroy Park Hotel

The Results

The Só Hotel Group is no longer taking payments over the phone and is instead putting payments through the secure Prommt solution, resulting in a quicker, safer customer experience which is compliant with GDPR legislation, and a more streamlined reservations process overall.

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