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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive this SMS or Email payment request?

A business to whom you have provided your mobile number or email address is requesting payment from you using the Prommt service.

What is Prommt?

Prommt is a service that allows businesses to send payment requests by SMS and Email to their customers – each message contains a link to a payment form, generated individually for each customer, containing the amount owed and a description of what the payment is for. The link appears as a secure, clickable, website address in the SMS and as a button saying ‘Proceed to Secure Checkout’ in the email.

What happens when I click on the SMS link or Email button?

You will be brought to a secure payment page where you will see the amount owing, a description of what the payment request is for, and a form where you can enter your credit or debit card details to make a payment to the business.

Will I be charged for clicking on the link?

No, there is no cost to click on the link over and above any of the normal charges you pay your mobile operator or broadband provider to go online. You will not be charged until you enter your payment details on the payment form and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button at the bottom of the form.

Is this secure?

Yes. Your payment card details are transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) and are processed and stored in compliance with stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Why is this a good way of paying?

Prommt enables you to make a secure online payment, quickly and easily, at a time that suits you; it saves you the time and hassle of paying by cheque, cash or over the phone; and it enables the businesses you transact with to accept payment from you simply and securely.

How do I know this is a legitimate payment request?

You should only click on the link if you know this business and if you are expecting a request for payment from them. You will have previously provided the business with your email address or mobile number. If you are not expecting a request for payment or if you do not know this business then do not do not complete the payment.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

If you feel the details in the payment request are incorrect or you’d like to find out more about why you were sent this message, you can contact the business who sent you the payment request directly.