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Safe, cashless & contact-free payments for your hotel

Request, accept and track payments from your customers quickly and securely. As Covid-19 restrictions ease, the focus is on getting back to business safely. Prommt helps you to avoid face-to-face transactions while protecting staff and guests. 
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Make Prommt Part of Your Reopening Strategy

As hotels now focus on reopening safely, remote payments are more important than ever. Prommt can form a powerful part of your Covid-19 protocols, helping you to get paid quickly, conveniently and safely. Here are just some of the ways in which Prommt can help your hotel to combat Covid-19:

Contactless Checkout

Prommt provides hotels with an easy way to offer contactless payment options limiting face-to-face contact with the front desk. Our branded SMS and Email payment links enable them to make frictionless and reassuringly secure payments embedded in your website. 

Automatic Charging

Our Autocharge feature allows you to get up-front authorisation for additional charges when guests make the initial booking. This is a great way to limit face-to-face transactions as you can apply the final room and service charges while the customer is still present, sending them a real-time receipt every time a charge is incurred.

Secure Bookings

Taking card information over the phone is risky, time-consuming and a data protection minefield. Prommt allows hotels to request payments quickly and efficiently. It’s ideal for securing bookings received via third-party platforms and eliminating the need to take credit card information on check-in.

Reopen Safely

Prommt enables your hotel to limit guest touch points without compromising the security of your payments. Enhancing your Covid-19 response using Prommt will also limit your exposure to fraud and chargebacks. 

How it works

  1. Gather contact details

    To send a payment request, all you need is your customer’s mobile number or email address along with the amount you are owed.

  2. Send payment request

    Your customer will receive a secure payment link by SMS or email. Paying you is simple, fast and convenient.

  3. Receive payment directly

    You receive the customer’s payment directly via your own merchant account. You can track all payments you’ve received and issue refunds and reminders easily.

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At The Louis Fitzgerald Group, we needed a solution to securely take payments over the phone and manage group bookings of all sizes. Prommt has had a transformative effect on our reservations, events, and accounts payment processes, enabling us to protect our over the phone and online travel agent bookings from fraudulent chargebacks. But I have to say, the best part has been the response of our guests; not only are payments made quickly and conveniently, but the excellent user experience leaves a lasting impression – and all before they enter the hotel! We couldn’t recommend Prommt more.

Sara Jane Woods | Reservations Supervisor

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