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Modern, streamlined payment collection

Request, accept and track payments from your customers quickly and securely.

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Stop wasting time on the phone.

Collecting payment manually over the phone is costly and time-consuming, and increasingly prone to fraud and chargebacks. Prommt is a unique blend of messaging and instant online payment that helps companies like yours reduce risk, save costs, and get paid faster.
Platform Overview

Make it easy for your customers to pay you

Send payment requests to your customers through a simple and intuitive interface. Prommt is packed with time-saving features to help you create a fast and frictionless payment experience.

Take the headaches out of payment collection

Easily set up recurring, stored card and single click payments, and issue refunds and reminders at the touch of a button.

Secure your payment collection process
Security and Peace-of-Mind


Stay compliant with the latest PCI and data protection rules and reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
Hundreds of industry leaders are using Prommt to streamline their customer payments process

Built for Enterprise

A secure payment request platform for your business

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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SMS and Email

Send personalised payment links to open a new digital touchpoint with your customers

Your own brand

You can customise all payment flows with your own logo and branding

Get paid directly

Your payments are processed through your own  merchant account

Staff & Locations

Set up tiered-level access for multiple staff, departments, and locations

What our customers say

Prommt has successfully reduced our call centre costs and eliminated the impact of peaks. The return on investment has been excellent.

Joe Cleary

Prommt has made a massive impact.  It’s more than just a secure payment method – it has had a dramatic impact on our processes.

Charlotte Disbrey

In an era where the customer needs instant solutions, Prommt has streamlined our payment processes whilst also enhancing our customer service.

Michelle O’Connor
Flannery's Hotel Galway

Find out how Prommt can benefit your business



Automate your payment collection 

Use our API to connect Prommt with your accounting, CRM and other 3rd party software.

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Data Protection and PCI Compliance

Onboarding and Support

We’ll give you all the advice and support you need to get up and running

Payment Gateway

Where possible, we’ll set up your Prommt account to work with your existing payment gateway

Customer Success Team

Our experienced team will help guide you all the way to ensure your success

Design and Branding

We’ll help you create effective and engaging payment requests and customer communications 

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Safe & Contact-Free Hotel Payments

As hotels now focus on reopening safely, remote payments are more important than ever. Prommt can form a powerful part of your Covid-19 protocols, helping you to get paid quickly, conveniently and safely.

Innovating & Adapting to Covid-19

The COVID-19 crisis has presented unprecedented challenges, with businesses having been forced to shut or quickly scramble for new ways to do things. But as is often the case, the crisis has been a major catalyst for change and has sparked real innovation.

Doctor in mask conducting a video consultation

Best practice payments for doctors and medical centres

Covid-19 caused many general practice doctors and medical centres to review patient interactions and cash handling procedures. With many seeking safer best practice payment solutions such as Prommt. In this piece, we look at how Prommt helped many medical centres and surgeries to quickly adapt to the challenges.

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