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Faster Payments, Reduced Costs

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Fast, Secure & Seamless

Pay by Bank is a convenient payment option that is a game changer when collecting high value payments. Based on the Open Banking payments initiative, Pay by Bank will replace the time and hassle of sharing IBANs and adding a payee manually with a simple pay by bank link or embedded button on your website. As an alternative to card, pay by bank will reduce payment operation costs, fraud and chargebacks. End customers enjoy a fast, secure and seamless way to pay directly from their bank accounts.


Smooth, frictionless, instant
bank payments

Enjoy seamless and hassle-free payments directly from your customers bank account. Quick and effortless.


Eliminate chargebacks and
card processing fees

Avoid chargebacks and fees associated with card processing by embracing alternative payment methods that provide enhanced security and reduced risks.


Streamline your
payment process

Replace cheque payments and cumbersome bank transfers with an online payment journey. Faster settlement, quicker access to funds.

You’ll be in good company:

Collect payments effortlessly with Pay by Bank.

Wilsons Auctions

“Pay by Bank allows Wilsons Auctions to leverage the latest in remote payments innovation, and protect our margins by eliminating card processing fees and reducing fraud, chargebacks & payment administration. We are pleased to offer Pay by Bank as the default payment option in most payment transactions today and our customers are embracing it wholeheartedly.”

Paul Clarkin, Finance Director at Wilsons Auctions

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Reduce Fraud

Customers must authenticate directly from their banking app, reducing the risk of fraud and eliminating chargebacks. Personal information is encrypted and protected by industry standard banking security.

Enterprise Ready

Prommt takes team management, access control and compartmentalisation to the next level. We’re the only solution in the market built specifically for collaboration among teams. With Prommt, give your team the ability to see a bank payment from request to reconciliation without sharing sensitive banking logins.

Save Time

Pay by Bank replaces the time consuming and resource-heavy task of chasing payments with a smooth and effortless bank payment experience.

Maximise Payment Success

Maximise payment success rates. On average, our clients achieve over 93% payment success rates following the implementation of Pay by Bank and Card. They have cut costs and protected margins by eliminating card processing fees for high value transactions, and reducing fraud, chargebacks & payment administration. These rates are significantly greater than the industry average for an eCommerce transaction.

Faster Payments,
Reduced Costs.

Fast and Seamless

A frictionless payment process and experience. Streamline the process of accepting bank payments with a slick payment experience for the payer. Fast and seamless.

Protect Margins

Reduce costly card payment fees for high value transactions. Avoid chargebacks and card fraud.

Automatic Chase Paths

Increase your chance of payment success by easily following up failed or late payments with automatic chasers through different channels and alternate payment methods.

Rapid Adoption

Our payment orchestration tools enable our clients to seamlessly nudge customers to Pay by Bank (Open Banking payments) without any impact on payment success rates. Present a combination of bank or card or bank only, depending on value or location. Easily done in seconds.

Payment Confirmation

Prommt will notify your team when payment has landed in your beneficiary bank account.

Refunds & Batch Settlement

Easily send a full or partial refund. Restrict this capability to specific login profiles for greater assurance. Daily or weekly batch settlement instead of individual payments to your bank account? No problem.

6.8 Million
The number of people who have made payment transactions using Prommt
The average Payment Success Rates achieved by our clients today
The reduction in monthly chargebacks by the Strand Palace Hotel, London, just two months following implementation of Prommt

Our Ecosystem

Prommt partners with all major payment processing gateways and enterprise systems within industry sectors such as hospitality, automotive, builders merchants, retail and more. 

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