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Prommt is packed with features that drive a streamlined payment collection process, helping you to get paid faster, reduce costs and save your team time and effort spent chasing payments.

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When we say more than Pay by Link, we mean it.

Multiple Messaging Channels

Communicate with everyone, simultaneously.

Payments with Confidence

Provide a secure payment channel for your customers, by bank account or card.

End-to-End Branding

Reflect your brand identity and maintain consistent branding throughout the entire customer payment journey.

Group Send

Send messages or payments to multiple recipients all at once.

Forward to Payer

Transfer messages or payment requests to the right person in no time.

Automated Payment Sequences, Reminders and Receipts

Set it up once and let it do its magic.

Recurring Payments

Schedule regular automatic payments.

Payment Orchestration

Easily manage and present multiple payment options dependent on transaction value or location.

Security by Design

Enjoy peace of mind with a platform built on security.

Payment Orchestration

Maximise payment success. Easily offer bank and card payment options when sending a payment request. Set automated thresholds to present either, or both payment methods depending on the value or location of a transaction.

Let Prommt’s clever orchestration do the work for you. Set automatic chase paths for failed transactions or where the cart has been abandoned, and present an alternative payment method to complete the transaction – bank or card.

Web and App Payments

Use Prommt anywhere you collect payments. With a single API, the Prommt checkout can seamlessly integrate bank and card payments to your Ecommerce web and app payments, delivering even greater savings, at scale. No lengthy implementation is necessary, our clients are quickly collecting efficient and cost effective payments online within days.


A secure and convenient solution for stored card payments, providing greater certainty for collection of outstanding balances.

Platform Management

Reporting and Alerts

Stay on top of your remote payments with regular updates and notifications.

Controlled Access

Manage and regulate user permissions and restrictions for authorised access.


Easily oversee your activity with our smooth interface, giving you instant access to key information or features.

Pay by Bank

Eliminate card processing fees and chargebacks, and replace cumbersome bank transfers with hassle free instant bank transfers.

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