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Established in 2017, in Dublin, Ireland, we took a leading position in the emerging pay by link market, providing a far more sophisticated and robust payment request solution than anything already on the market. 

We quickly expanded to the UK, Europe and North America.  Prommt is now trusted by many world-leading brands, particularly within automotive, hospitality, luxury retail and builders merchants sectors.

During 2022, we introduced open banking payments to the platform, known as Pay by Bank.  By 2023, our breadth of capability expanded to include the orchestration of card or bank payments, via web, in App or via the traditional messaging channels. Our API seamlessly integrates bank and card payments to deliver greater impact to profitability by driving significant savings, at scale. 

Prommt is highly suited to all enterprises who need to collect higher value payments. Collecting these payments carries a significant risk of unpaid transactions, payment operation costs, fraud and time spent chasing payments. We meet these challenges head on with average payment success rates greater than 90% and some clients reporting a reduction in card fees by almost 88%. 

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Today Prommt is led by payments innovator Donal McGuinness, CEO, and a team of payments and messaging experts who have developed an innovative payment orchestration platform that shortcuts the payment journey, for the merchant and their customer, providing an easy checkout for remote, automated, web, app or in-person payments. Payment options include pay by bank or card. 

We know you have a lot on your plate, and getting paid on time should be the least of your concerns. That’s why Prommt makes payments super easy for merchants like you. We provide a fast, secure and seamless checkout experience directly to your customers via email, text, chat or integrating our single API for ecommerce web and in app payments, helping to drive payment success, reduce payment operation costs, risk of chargebacks and fraud. That way, you can focus on growing your business and making life easier for your team.

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We are a team of people who are passionate about payments and committed to the continued evolution of our platform with leading innovation. Located in Ireland, UK, and Spain, the Prommt team has a depth of experience in payments and messaging that helps us shape the future of payments today.

Donal McGuinness


Adam Ball, Chief Commercial Officer at Prommt

Adam Ball

Chief Commercial Officer

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Head of Customer Success

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Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Culligan, Chief Product Officer at Prommt

Stephen Culligan

Chief Product Officer

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