Carrot Insurance

Sneha Padavala


Carrot Insurance is a UK-based car insurance broker whose aim is to encourage safe driving through the use of telematics. They signed up to  Prommt in early 2019 and instantly saw a positive impact on collection rates.

The Challenge

Carrot was looking for a credit management solution to manage their 28-day credit control cycle. They were sending payment reminders to their customers via letter, email and SMS, the unintended consequence of which was peak time loads on their contact centre.

They were also taking card details over the phone, and exposing the company to PCI and GDPR risks. Moreover, with new Strong Customer Authentication regulations looming there were also major drivers to find a cost-effective, secure, and customer-friendly solution.

The Solution

Carrot Insurance signed up to Prommt in early 2019 and instantly saw positive results. Contact centre staff can send secure links to customers while speaking to them on the phone or during LiveChat. Their finance team was delighted with both the simplicity of the fully branded payment experience for their customers, along with a full audit trail over the team’s activity. Carrot Insurance also saw a rapid reduction in their bad debt figures, and staff productivity was increased by availing of Prommt’s ‘group send’ feature, allowing the finance team to send thousands of Email and SMS payment requests in under 5 minutes.

Trusted by industry-experts

“The introduction of Prommt to our contact centre has been integral to the success of our Digital First project, enabling us to transact with customers in new ways, such as via LiveChat, rather than relying on traditional telephone calls. Prommt has given our finance team a long-awaited collections function meaning a higher collection rate on bad debt, making us a more profitable business.”

Kathryn Wilson

Premium Funder & Collection Manager | Carrot Insurance


Using Prommt, Carrot Insurance quickly reached their objectives of reducing exposure to bad debt. They’ve reduced the risk in taking card payments over the phone and secured compliance in GDPR, PCI, and SCA. They saw rapid growth in uptake, and success escalated as they increased their usage by 25% month-on-month. That success has now resulted in the expansion of Prommt’s use within the business to policy renewal and sales. With Prommt’s multi-user capabilities, Carrot Insurance has empowered their contact centre staff to accept card payments for any renewals, new sales, or mid-term adjustments via Live Chat and over the phone.

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