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Established in 1998, Motorpoint is the UK’s leading independent retailer of nearly new and used cars. With a network of 20 stores spanning England, Scotland, and Wales, they have solidified their position as a trusted name in the automotive industry, offering a diverse range of quality vehicles.

In 2023, Motorpoint wanted to innovate their online buying process and selected Prommt as their preferred solution provider. They wanted to easily collect web-based bank and card payments, and deliver significant savings, at scale. The solution was live within a month following a speedy integration of the Prommt API with their sales platform.

As a payment method that is accelerating rapidly, Pay by Bank has helped Motorpoint significantly reduce merchant fees and streamline payment collection, and in less than 8 months, has already saved the business over £100,000.

Pay by Bank has also fortified Motorpoint’s defence against fraud while offering their customers a more convenient payment experience, replacing the often cumbersome process of using manual bank transfers when buying a car.

Motorpoint & Prommt Case Study

Pay by Bank has helped Motorpoint significantly reduce merchant fees and streamline payment collection, and in less than 8 months, has already saved the business over £100,000.

Motorpoint & Prommt Case Study

The Challenge

Prior to using Prommt, Motorpoint already had an online payment function but recognised that it did not offer the best experience for their customers.

The used car retainer relied on the manual allocation of bank transferred money. This meant that not only was there a greater risk of human error when inputting the account details, but the potential for payment referrals also made the process clunky and time-consuming for customers. 

Besides looking to improve customer experience during the final step of the car buying journey, Motorpoint wanted to offset high merchant fees associated with card payments. 

They were looking for a payment solution with open banking capabilities that could easily be integrated to their website and sales platform, allowing them to efficiently collect web-based bank and card payments. Their goal was to decrease merchant fees and operational costs, and make the payment process easier for their customers.

The Solution

Motorpoint implemented Prommt in June 2023 to modernise payments and make the step change to open banking. Previously, selling a car involved expensive card payments or tedious, manual bank transfers. Prommt now orchestrates card and open banking payments through Motorpoint’s web checkout and pay by link. With Prommt, Motorpoint can set automated thresholds to present their desired payment method, depending on factors like the value, location or transaction type.  

Prommt has helped streamline the payment process, ultimately making it easier and more secure for motorists looking to buy their next car. 

Now, whether reserving or buying a vehicle in store or over the phone, Motorpoint’s sales team just need to send a link enabling customers to make the payment themselves. There is no longer a need for motorists to read out their card details, and instead can easily authenticate payments directly from their phones.

Trusted by industry-experts

We are delighted with the success of Prommt at Motorpoint. Prommt has delivered immediate and significant cost savings on our high value car sales transactions, while providing a frictionless payment journey that reflects our brand identity.

The ability to flexibly present bank or card as a payment method on our web checkouts, which is dependent on payment value, has delivered immediate benefits for Motorpoint. We would highly recommend Prommt to any business who are seeking to innovate, optimise and streamline their payments process.

Heather Whitmore

Head of Finance Operations | Motorpoint


The implementation of Prommt has meant that Motorpoint now has a cohesive way to take web and card payments whether motorists are in-store, shopping online or over the phone. The move towards open banking, facilitated by Prommt’s API has also helped significantly reduce merchant fees, and in less than 8 months, has already saved the business over £100,000.

Prommt has allowed the business to adopt a functional and efficient process, making it as easy as possible for customers looking to purchase their next car from Motorpoint. As customers are wary of fraud, the ability to make payments without needing to share their card details has been very warmly received.

Merchant Benefits

  • Easy integration 
  • One platform deployed in multiple locations and internal departments
  • Team management and flexible access control
  • Minimised payment administration, fraud and chargebacks
  • Live status tracking and insights

Payer Benefits

  • Trusted and secure mobile and web payments 
  • Less time and friction
  • More choice – SMS, email or web. Pay by Bank or Pay by Card.

Spotlight: Pay by Bank

  • Reduce Costs: Avoid scheme or interchange fees. Pay by Bank delivers significant savings on payment operations costs and reduces revenue leakage due to card fraud and chargebacks.
  • Simplify Customer Journey: Select Pay by Bank, choose your bank, login to the mobile bank app, and confirm payment from a familiar environment. Removes the fear of mistyping account and sort code numbers.
  • Reduce Fraud: Payments made through Pay by Bank are conducted using PSD2/open banking protocols, and protected by industry-standard banking security. Open banking payments use advanced encryption and real-time authentication methods to protect sensitive customer data, such as bank account details and personal information, from cyber-attacks.
  • Streamline bank payments: Payments are instant, and all parties are immediately notified, so deals can be completed more quickly.

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