The 1933 Furniture Company

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The 1933 Furniture Company is a well-established retailer that sells quality furniture to patrons in Ireland and abroad.

As is the norm with bespoke and high-end furniture ordering, customers will typically visit their showroom to secure suites and pay a deposit. Once the furniture is produced and delivered back to the store, staff at the 1933 Furniture Company would have previously had to call the customers to either bring them back in store to pay in person, or else take credit card numbers down over the phone. Many customers are uncomfortable with providing credit card details over the phone due to PCI compliance and security issues.

The Challenge

Customers visit the 1933 Furniture Company showroom and once they have chosen their furniture they pay a deposit. After the item is manufactured, the balance of the payment is due before delivery to the customer. Staff would typically have to call customers to bring them back into the store to pay in person, or else take their credit card number over the phone.

In doing so, it was difficult to allocate payments to the correct purchase, and any issues that might arise further down the track required sifting through lots of paperwork. The process was very time consuming for staff and very inconvenient for customers. It also raised issues about security and PCI compliance.

The Solution 

With Prommt, the 1933 Furniture Company can now send payment requests by SMS to customers whose balance is due. Customers can simply click on the link in the message and make a secure payment at a time that suits them. Staff can log into the Prommt application and see who has paid and who hasn’t – making the after-sales support process much more efficient.

The company can send and process one or many payment requests simultaneously – they can even include extra information in their message such as pick-up and delivery times.


Since introducing Prommt, the 1933 Furniture Company have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of time staff are spending collecting and allocating payments. Customers have been delighted to get their furniture delivered faster and at having a secure and convenient way of making their payment.

Trusted by industry-experts

“Prommt has greatly helped improve visibility of which customers are paying, and when. We really like the reporting interface which is handy if there are queries from customers or our delivery team on payments and invoices.”

Gillian Moran

The 1933 Furniture Company

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