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The Westbury

The Westbury, one of Dublin’s finest luxury hotels and a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, are using Prommt to streamline their remote payment collection process, enabling the hotel to send secure, trusted, branded payment requests to their guests via any messaging channel. A part of The Doyle Collection, an Irish family-owned Hotel Group, The Westbury recently adopted Prommt’s open banking payments (Pay by Bank), using the system for group reservations and events, eliminating card processing fees and further reducing chargebacks with additional protection against fraud.

Innovating Payments in Hospitality

Hotels face the growing challenge of rising guest expectations, a constantly shifting payment landscape, and fraud & chargebacks associated with unsecured Online Travel Agent (OTA) reservations and payments processed over the phone.

Hotels and restaurants often need to take payments over the phone, but processing payments in this manner carry unique challenges with respect to compliance, high card & payments operations costs, vulnerability to chargebacks, and a poor guest experience. Facilitating secure and frictionless payment processes open opportunities for businesses to deepen their connection with their guests, deliver a rich experience from start to finish, foster loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

Prommt Checkouts make it easy to pay directly from your bank account

Trusted by some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, Prommt Payment Requests are innovating guest payments across all areas of hospitality – reservations, meetings and events, food & beverage and spa – making the remote buying process more secure, efficient and effective for team management. Prommt is integrated to their property management system (PMS), such as Oracle Opera enabling them to automate the sending of fully branded payment requests to their clients, without leaving their PMS environment. Prommt is already integrated to most of the world’s leading Payment Gateways and systems, including Token, FreedomPay, Euronet, Worldpay from FIS, Global Payments, Barclaycard, Lloyds Cardnet, Elavon, J.P. Morgan Chase, Fiserv, AIB Merchant Services and more.

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Trusted by industry-experts

“Prommt makes life a lot easier for the team at Old Head and it’s really seamless for members and guests too. It eliminates a number of steps in the booking process; saving us time and allowing guests or members to pay at their convenience. Autocharge is particularly useful and the automation of receipts, reminders and alerts is fantastic. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Prommt.”

Susan Toal

Reservation Manager | Old Head Golf Links

Get Paid Faster – Easily Request Instant Card & Open Banking Payments

Prommt helps hotels get paid faster, improves cash flow and eases administrative burden. Risky telephone and other remote payments are converted into a simple, online and secure payment process. Guests are given the choice to pay by card or account-to-account bank transfer (Pay by Bank). As an alternative to manual bank transfers, Pay by Bank significantly reduces payment operations costs and accelerates guest payment collection.

Ensure Compliance and Reduce Fraud & Chargebacks

Prommt is PCI-Level 1 certified. Customer’s data is managed in compliance with EU GDPR, UK Data Protection Act 2018, PIPEDA and the CCPA. Open Banking is backed by the EU Payment Services Directive and is designed to ensure safety and security. Payments made through Pay by Bank are conducted using PSD2/Open Banking protocols, and protected by industry-standard banking security. Prommt reduces fraud and costly chargebacks. As sensitive, personal data isn’t passed between you, your customers or your staff, the risk of compromised customer information is eliminated.

Secure Event Payments with Autocharge

Many hotel revenue managers utilise pre-authorisation forms to safeguard payment for event bookings. This method is time consuming, inconvenient for the customer, and makes it difficult for the hotel to be fully GDPR compliant. Prommt’s Autocharge feature provides greater certainty over event deposits and final balances. During the booking process, the hotel sends the payer a payment request for a deposit, which includes an optional or a mandatory opt-in to Autocharge. When the event is complete, hotel staff use Prommt to charge the final balance to the card. The client receives a notification email detailing that the charge has been applied. Prommt’s corporate customers have responded well to this and are making Autocharge a required condition for their events, as it removes the need for sharing card details over the phone. It significantly reduces the potential for revenue leakage when running large-scale events concurrently

Autocharge is a more secure and convenient solution for stored card payments. As guests’ card details are tokenised and stored with your payment gateway, there is no need to view or store  card details locally. This feature enables hotels to charge extras such as room service, spa treatments, and any other items to your guests’ card while eliminating the risk of compromising sensitive card data and helping to minimise chargeback risks.

Delivers a Seamless Guest Payment Experience

Prommt empowers guests to feel in control of their experience with the option to Pay by Card or Bank and through multiple currencies. With Prommt, hotels can send merchant-branded and customisable payment links. Guests will see a URL they recognise, embedded in the corporate website. Branded payment request emails are delivered from the hotel’s official domain, and SMS from a custom SMSID. The ability to carry one’s brand throughout the payment journey builds trust.

Built for Teams

Prommt excels at team management and flexible access control, enabling businesses to deploy and manage across many locations and internal departments. Hotels & Restaurants can stay on top of all payment communications, and issue reminders & refunds at the touch of a button. Unlike manual payment collection by phone, multiple payment requests can be sent & received simultaneously. With live status tracking and insights, businesses can view and filter all information about their SMS and email payments with a real-time statistics dashboard.

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