Frequently Asked Questions

I have received an email/SMS asking for payment, but see a reference to Prommt. What is this?

Prommt is a remote payments platform used by hundreds of merchants to facilitate payments that they may have originally taken over the phone. It enables them to take payments more quickly and securely via a secure payment page. This ensures they provide their customers with the highest level of security and reliability.

Why use Prommt instead of asking for card details over the phone? 

Taking payments over the phone carries risk, with high levels of fraud in recent years.  Instead, merchants can simply send a payment request which will direct the payer to a 3D Secure payments page, allowing them to make payment via card or bank transfer in a more secure manner. This allows them to pay for their goods/services without sharing their card/bank details. Payment requests can be sent via SMS or email.

Is it safe to use?

Prommt adopts the highest standards in payment security compliance. For card payments, it employs 3D Secure authentication, for bank transfers, transactions must be authenticated via the payers banking app. This adds an additional layer of security to your purchases.

Are card details stored?

We have an option for express checkout which will tokenise the card details, allowing them to be used for a later transaction. The card details are securely tokenised by our payment gateway in a PCI compliant vault and our staff do not have access to the full card details. This is perfectly safe and optional so and can be easily opted out by unchecking the express checkout box. 

Are my bank details stored for Pay by Bank?

No. At no point do we request, store or have access to any bank details. When a payer uses Pay by Bank, they authenticate directly with their bank and they enable the bank transfer.

Will I receive confirmation that payment has been processed?

Yes, both the merchant and the payer will receive confirmation via email or SMS once the payment has been completed.

What is Pay by Bank?

It’s similar to paying by card, except you are paying direct from your bank account via your mobile banking app. You simply receive the payment request, choose the Pay by Bank option and follow the on screen instructions. This conveniently allows you to complete the payment without sharing any card or bank details, ensuring the highest levels of payment security.

What information do I need to send a payer a payment request. 

All you need to know is either their email address or mobile number to facilitate an SMS request.

Can a payment be spread across several payments? 

Yes, Prommt facilitates a recurring payment plan, taking payments at various intervals.


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