Prommt payments: making every guest feel like a VIP

Lorraine Fahy

01st Oct 2021
Prommt payments: making every guest feel like a VIP

VIP experiences are no longer the preserve of the jet set. I’ve noticed a real democratization of the VIP experience in travel, hospitality and retail over the past decade or so which is directly related to rapid advances in technology and personalized marketing.

For the most part ecommerce has kept pace and online payments are generally slick and frictionless. But there are still many remote payment scenarios that don’t fit neatly into the “online” payment category where the user experience can be clunky and laborious.

Remote Payments: the Final Frontier

Think of the last time you enjoyed a wonderful experience only to be rudely awakened by an awkward and time consuming payment process.

Perhaps you had to wait in a queue for the privilege of paying, or read out your card details to someone over the phone (or worse an IVR menu). Maybe you had to visit the bank in order to send a larger than usual payment, or even send a cheque in the post?

How did it make you feel?

This is why I call remote payments “the final frontier of user experience”.

“If you’re on the business side of the transaction there is a straightforward decision: is the payment something your customers must endure, or can it become an enjoyable part of your overall brand experience?”

– Eileen Carroll, Co-founder of Prommt

What is a VIP Experience?

By contrast, a VIP experience is one that is pleasant, luxurious, personalized and frictionless. One that makes you feel calm, cared for, and puts a smile on your face.

A VIP payment experience is no different, except maybe substitute “luxurious” with “branded”. If you can provide this you will stand out from your competition.

“VIP can mean many things and can come in many shapes and sizes. Often it’s not about the tangible value of something, but more about the impact it has on your overall vacation experience or the way it makes you feel.”

Mike Belobradic | Luxury Disney Travel Blog

But what does providing a VIP payment experience mean in practical terms?

Simply that you and your staff should be prepared to transact immediately, securely and directly with your customers whenever and wherever they are ready to transact with you, and remove all friction from the process. You can send a payment request through any messaging channel, and the payment request can be fully branded and tailored to the customer.

Remember too that handing over their credit card is a real no-no for customers these days, both from a hygiene and security point of view, so sending a quick payment request instead allows you to avoid manual card handling.

Hotels & VIP Payments

If you take the hospitality sector VIP payments could mean customising a booking with a customer on the phone or web chat, then sending a personalized brochure along with the booking payment request. Or saving guests from tedious waits at the front desk by settling all room service and ancillary charges in advance of check out.

“Anyone who has ever had an inconvenient payment experience at a hotel can appreciate how a more personal approach to payments can vastly improve things.”

– Eileen Carroll, Co-founder of Prommt

While the hospitality and luxury goods sectors are leading the move towards frictionless remote payments, other sectors such as automotive, retail and even insurance are also benefiting from this approach to increase conversion rates, secure deposits and retain customers. Prommt has a great collection of remote payment success stories you can check out.

VIPs expect frictionless, and after all shouldn’t every customer be treated like a VIP?

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