Prommt’s Oracle OPERA 5 Integration is a game changer for hotel payments

Lorraine Fahy

07th Oct 2021
Prommt’s Oracle OPERA 5 Integration is a game changer for hotel payments

Prommt’s new OPERA 5 integration

We have just released a new integration for Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA 5. This is an exciting development for all of those hotels who would like to access the power of Prommt from within their own hotel management system. It will take remote payment processes to the next level in terms of speed, efficiency and ease of reconciliation.

“For a long time, Prommt has been the payment request solution of choice for leading hotels across all of our markets. This integration with Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA 5 will be a game changer for those hotels that use both OPERA and Prommt. It will streamline operations, save time and ultimately, help hotels to get paid faster and safer.” – Donal McGuinness, CEO at Prommt

Dublin, 7th October 2021

  • Prommt has launched its validated integration for Oracle Hopsitality’s OPERA 5.
  • The integrated solution enables hospitality clients access to Prommt’s remote multi-channel payment capabilities from within their existing Opera hotel management system.
  • The integration delivers significant gains in terms of speed, efficiency and ease of reconciliation for remote payments prior to check-in.
  • It also provides hotels with a seamless way to collect advance payment for OTA bookings; automating the process and securing revenue sooner.

Prommt’s innovative SaaS solution is already used by many of the world’s leading hotels to drive revenue, reduce risk and provide superior guest payment experiences. This integration with one of the industry’s leading management systems allows hotels and other hospitality clients to access Prommt’s capabilities within their existing property management system. This means significant gains in terms of speed, efficiency and ease of reconciliation for remote payments while also offering all of the other powerful benefits that have made Prommt so popular in the sector, such as:

  • Reducing the risk of fraud & chargebacks
  • Securing payments from OTAs
  • Managing payments for corporate bookings, subscriptions and events
  • Replacing paper based pre-auth with a secure card storage solution
  • Providing a superior branded payment experience for your guests

Prommt is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and this validated integration will work for all OPERA 5 clients with ‘on prem’ or ‘hosted/multi-tenanted’ installations. Ultimately, it will provide reservations or front office teams with an easier way to send, create and manage payment requests within OPERA with the status and payment records updated automatically and in real-time.

Stephen Culligan, CPO at Prommt says;

“We are very excited to be partnering with Oracle Hospitality and we believe that this OPERA 5 integration will be a real game-changer for our hotel clients. The ability to access Prommt’s capabilities from within the system that staff already use is massively valuable in terms of speed, ease and accuracy. It will transform the way hotels request and accept card payments, particularly when it comes to things like securing payment for OTA bookings. The integration will allow hotels to automate that process and secure that revenue much sooner.”

Prommt is PCI DSS Level 1 certified and now has more than 4,500 users across Europe, North America and Australia. With the hospitality industry now returning to pre-pandemic levels and this important integration with OPERA 5 set to attract large numbers of new hotels to the platform, Prommt is preparing for a period of accelerated growth.

About Prommt

Founded in 2017, Prommt is a payments platform that is revolutionizing payments for enterprises and their clients. Its innovative solutions enable fast, frictionless card and open banking payments anytime, anywhere. Prommt is an enterprise-grade solution that is built for teams, supporting multiple locations, and provides powerful, reporting, and alerting capabilities. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Prommt is used by businesses today across Europe and North America and was this year’s winner of the Best Open Banking Service Initiative awarded by Global Payments Innovation Awards and is a finalist for the Best Open Banking Payments Project within the Open Banking Expo Awards 2023.

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About Opera Oracle 5

Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA 5 Property Management provides a full-featured, property management system that enables hoteliers to deliver world-class guest service and increase operational efficiency throughout the system. Thousands of hotels around the world use Oracle Hospitality OPERA hotel management technology to help ensure an outstanding guest experience for each and every customer, and to enable their staff with powerful tools, services, and capabilities. Designed to offer the flexibility to suit hotels of all types and sizes, OPERA 5 Property Management is the right fit for all properties, from independent hotels to major international resorts.

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