6 Ways Prommt Revolutionises Remote Payments

Lorraine Fahy

18th Jan 2023
6 Ways Prommt Revolutionises Remote Payments
1. Easily Request Instant Card & Open Banking Payments

Prommt converts risky telephone and other remote payments into a simple, online and secure payment process. Your customers are given the choice to pay by card or account-to-account bank transfer (Pay by Bank). As an alternative to manual bank transfers, Pay by Bank significantly reduces payment operations costs and speeds time to payment.

2. Reduce Fraud & Costly Chargebacks

Prommt Payment Requests offer greater protection from card fraud and chargebacks, particularly relevant for higher value transactions. As sensitive, personal data isn’t passed between you, your customers or your staff, the risk of compromised customer information is eliminated.

3. Ensure Compliance

Prommt is PCI-Level 1 certified. Your customer’s data is managed in compliance with EU GDPR, UK Data Protection Act 2018, PIPEDA and the CCPA. Open Banking is backed by the EU Payment Services Directive and is designed to ensure safety and security. Payments made through Pay by Bank are conducted using PSD2/Open Banking protocols, and protected by industry-standard banking security.

4. Maximise Payment Success

With a mobile optimised experience, Prommt delivers high payment completion rates. Businesses who have adopted Prommt Payment Requests enjoy up to 92% payment success rate due to a more streamlined payment collection process and minimised payment administration. We reduce the chances of human error and manual intervention that can tie up your staff’s time.

5. Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

We empower your customers to feel in control of their experience with the option to Pay by Card or Bank and through multiple currencies. With Prommt, you can send merchant-branded and customisable payment links. Your customers will see a URL they recognise, embedded in your website. Branded payment request emails are delivered from your corporate domain, and SMS from a custom SMSID. The ability to carry your brand throughout the payment journey builds trust.

6. Built for Teams

Prommt excels at team management and flexible access control, enabling you to deploy and manage across many locations and internal departments. With live status tracking and insights, you can track who has received and clicked on your messages and see what payments have been made or are still pending. View and filter all information about your SMS and email payments with a real-time statistics dashboard.

About Prommt

Founded in 2017, Prommt is a payments platform that is revolutionizing payments for enterprises and their clients. Its innovative solutions enable fast, frictionless card and open banking payments anytime, anywhere. Prommt is an enterprise-grade solution that is built for teams, supporting multiple locations, and provides powerful, reporting, and alerting capabilities. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Prommt is used by businesses today across Europe and North America and was this year’s winner of the Best Open Banking Service Initiative awarded by Global Payments Innovation Awards and is a finalist for the Best Open Banking Payments Project within the Open Banking Expo Awards 2023.

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