High-Value Retail EBook: Orchestrate Remote Payments with Prommt

Sneha Padavala

06th Jun 2022
High-Value Retail EBook: Orchestrate Remote Payments with Prommt

In the post-pandemic retail market, customers’ payment journey is a space that is primed for change with mobile phones serving as retail remote controls. As customers gravitate towards convenience and flexibility, the need to incorporate new methods of effective payment collection that seamlessly merge physical and digital touchpoints is more vital than ever. Retailers must make strategic investments that transform digital selling functions to minimise payment friction.

While high-value retail has always demanded greater expectations of convenience and personalisation, studies show increased adoption of a customer centric approach to remote selling. By becoming more digital-optimised, unified and collaborative across all of their customer interactions, retailers are able to lay the groundwork to drive revenue in a market rapidly adapting to the new customer mindset.

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