How PayTech innovation is creating new value in MOTO

Sneha Padavala

30th May 2024
How PayTech innovation is creating new value in MOTO

A whitepaper by Edgar Dunn & Company, commissioned by Prommt and Barclaycard

Pay by Link is establishing itself as an alternative in the evolution of digital payments. Smarter and more sophisticated solutions are reducing costs and improving the customer experience, helping to increase sales in the remote payments market.

Fraud and the protection of customer data provide an ever-increasing challenge for the payment industry. Evolving Pay by Link solutions offer significantly improved protection and peace of mind to customers and merchants offering high value goods and services. It not only protects and supports the entire payments value chain, but it provides a high level of customer experience offering significant advantages for merchants to safely drive and increase sales in specialised markets.

Explore the evolving landscape of traditional MOTO payments, the challenges faced by merchants, the advancements in Pay by Link innovation and its benefits in the remote payment sector.

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