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Powering payments across the economy

Prommt is being used by businesses of all shapes and sizes to transform the way they get paid. Our scalable payment success platform is used by merchants ranging from local enterprises to global brands.

Prommt for Jewellery & Luxury Retail

Jewellery & Luxury Retail

Department stores, designer outlets and high-end jewellers are all using Prommt to support premium personal shopping services while enhancing the payment experience for a discerning clientele.

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Prommt for Garages & Auto Dealers

Garages & Auto Dealers

In the motor trade, Prommt is used by hundreds of dealerships. They take advantage of the platforms customisation capabilities to build fully-branded payment flows for deposits, parts and servicing.

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Prommt for Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality

Prommt is being used to secure payments and provide guests with superior service right across the hospitality sector. Our clients range from boutique luxury hotels to large international brands with properties across the globe.

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Prommt for Hardware & Builders Merchants

Hardware & Builders Merchants

Hardware shops, DIY stores, plant hire businesses, builders providers and timber merchants are just some of the operators in this sector who are using Prommt to transform payment processes and protect themselves from fraud or chargebacks.

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Prommt for Health & Medical

Health & Veterinary

Vets, dentists, physios, pharmacists and doctors are all using Prommt to provide an easy, contact-free payment option that can support virtual consultations or minimise contact during in-practice visits.

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Prommt for Corporates & Contact Centres

Corporate & Contact Centres

Insurance companies, utilities and other call centre operations use Prommt to provide customers with more choice as part of their payment and collection processes

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Prommt for Mobile & Field Services

Mobile & Field Services

When you’ve got people on the road, time is of the essence. Fuel providers, tradespeople and other mobile teams use Prommt in the field to manager customer payments more efficiently.

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Prommt for Travel & Transport Services

Travel & Transport Services

Airlines, tour companies and other operators involved in moving goods or people all use Prommt to manage payments relating to bookings, deposits and additional charges.

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“With Covid-19 we had to find a way to reduce in-person contact and give our customers a better way to pay that they would feel comfortable with. Prommt has solved a lot of problems; it makes our remote payments faster and safer for both customers and staff, and gives us the peace of mind that our payments are fully 3-D secure.”

Robert Nolan
Financial Controller | Toyota Sandyford

“Prommt has allowed us to easily blend remote, digital payments with our highly personal and consultative sales process. The process feels natural and convenient to both staff and customers while allowing us to carry our brand through every step of the payment journey.”

Karl Irwin
Director | David M Robinson

“Our preference for our SME and residential customers is to send them a Prommt because it’s simple, secure and scalable. It provides a frictionless, fully-branded experience that builds trust and makes things easy for customers. Ultimately, it gives us the flexibility to interact with customers on their terms which means payments are no longer a chore.”

Shay Waldron
Chief Data Officer & Director of Credit | Magnet Networks

“Prommt has had a very real and positive impact on our payment procedures. It has significantly reduced the administrative burden that comes with telephone payments. It has also brought greater security and made things easier for our staff. Most importantly, it has helped us to provide guests with a much more seamless and effortless experience.”

Jans Mazur
Finance Director | The Ampersand Hotel

“Prommt has made a massive impact in terms of collecting payments from customers. It has enabled sales for people who we wouldn’t have taken a risk on before. It’s more than just a secure payment method – it has had a dramatic impact on our processes.”

Charlotte Disbrey
Assistant Credit Control Manager | MP Moran

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