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A platform packed with clever features

Prommt is an innovative and scalable SaaS platform that allows you to transform how you request remote payments. Our unrivalled payment success solution is used by leading organisations across a range of industries to bring greater speed, efficiency and convenience to their payment processes.

How it works

At its core, Prommt takes pay-by-link to the next level; blending messaging and payments technology to create seamless and secure payment journeys that help you get paid faster, safer and smarter. The concept is simple:

  1. Gather contact details

    To send a payment request, all you need is your customer’s mobile number, email address or social profile along with the amount you are owed.

  2. Send payment request

    Your customer will receive a smart link by text, email or online message. Paying you is quick, secure and convenient.

  3. Receive payment directly

    You receive the payment directly to your merchant account. You can track all payments received and issue reminders or refunds easily.

Payment Requests

So much more
than pay-by-link

Send secure, personalised payment requests to your customers using text, email and online messages. Our simple and intuitive interface provides access to enhanced security, communication and customisation capabilities.

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Recurring Payments

Manage subscription plans without the stress

Prommt provides you with an integrated, end-to-end solution to handle scheduled payments and communication, reducing the hassle and expense involved in setting up and managing recurring payment plans.

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Prommt will transform how your business requests and collects payment from your customers.



Secure, compliant card-on-file payments

Prommt provides a safe and compliant way to tokenise customer card information at the payment gateway level so that returning customers can be charged automatically for future purchases.

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Reporting & Integration

Advanced insights combined with effortless integration

Prommt plugs directly into your existing payment provider, offers easy API integration with other business systems and delivers powerful reporting capabilities.

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User & Location Management

Easily manage complex teams across multiple locations

Built for scale, Prommt provides tiered access control, easy user management and the ability to manage large, complex team across multiple locations – all from a single account.

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What Prommt can do for you

Prommt provides an easy and effective way to overcome the challenges associated with taking ‘Card-Not-Present’ payments in a wide range of scenarios.
Avoid Fraud & Chargebacks

Prommt turns risky, time-consuming remote payments into secure online transactions

Enhance Payment Experiences

Prommt provides a quicker, easier and more convenient payment option for your customers

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Get paid faster and minimise payment administration with our intuitive and scalable SaaS solution

Ensure Compliance & Data Protection

Protect your business and your customer by avoiding exposure to sensitive card data

Minimise Face-to-Face Transactions

Prommt provides a safe, secure and contact-free way to take payments

Increase Payment Success

Prommt helps you get paid quickly with 93% of payments received within 2 hours.

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