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Prommt & Lloyds Bank Cardnet

Prommt is delighted to work with Lloyds Bank Cardnet, who have been providing businesses with card payment and merchant services for over 25 years. From payment gateways to data analytics and intelligent point of sale, they have the capability to tailor card payment solutions to help businesses develop and grow, while making it easy for their customers to pay.

As a Cardnet referral partner, this alignment focuses on numerous industries, including the Builders Merchants/Hardware sector, where taking advance payment by card over the phone before delivery is common practice.

Prommt enhances Cardnet’s proposition by enabling hardware stores & builders’ providers to send secure, branded payment requests for quick and easy payment, driving a significant reduction in cost, chargebacks and fraud, enhancing the overall payment experience and streamlining the collection process for the merchant, all while ensuring full compliance with data regulations.

Merchants can offer card or bank as a payment method depending on the customer or value threshold, with bank payments driving further cost savings for the merchant.

FreedomPay & Prommt Announce Global Partnership to Deliver Secure Personalised Payment Requests

FreedomPay and Prommt Announce Global Partnership to Deliver Secure Personalised Payment Requests

Global commerce technology platform FreedomPay, has partnered with Prommt, the payment request platform that enables businesses to request, collect, and track remote payments. The move will further enhance FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ solution by providing greater flexibility and choice for enterprise customers who wish to offer a fully branded and rich payment experience. This strategic alignment will help deliver instant, branded, personalised payment requests via email, text, chat, and messaging apps while integrating with FreedomPay’s robust solutions across payments, security, identity, and data analytics.