Collect Overdue Invoices through Card or Bank

Lorraine Fahy

29th Aug 2022
Collect Overdue Invoices through Card or Bank

Often regarded as the salespeople of the accounts department, Credit Controllers are highly valued risk mitigators ensuring smooth cashflow operations. They need to read conversations, judge whether customers are likely to honour their promises, lend a sympathetic ear, negotiate, influence and ultimately lead conversations towards a desired conclusion.

In order to stay calm under pressure, while juggling numbers and managing large data on a daily basis, Credit Controllers require a system that encourages early payment and offers a quick, secure and flexible platform for payment collection.

Prommt’s Advanced Pay By Link Solution for Credit Controllers enable you to quickly chase overdue payments with personalised, 3D Secure links and collect payment through Card and Bank transfer. Our solution helps credit controllers in businesses such as Chadwicks, Robert Price, Kew Electrical, Magnet and Lords collect remote payment avoiding the risk of card fraud & chargebacks, and efficiently manage personalised payment plans.

Why Prommt?

1. Secure, Fully Branded & Personalised Chase Paths

Send secure, personalised payment requests to your customers using text, email and online messages. Our simple and intuitive interface provides access to enhanced security, communication and customisation capabilities. Turn risky and time-consuming remote payments into 3D Secure online transactions, minimising the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

2. Flexible, Recurring Payment Plans

Prommt enables you to create flexible and personalised recurring payment plans in just a few clicks.

  1. Frictionless Sign-ups: Send recurring payment requests by email, text or chat. Your customers can simply click through to a personalised payment form to complete sign-up to a recurring plan.
  2. Flexible Payment Periods: Set up your recurring payment plans to run as long as you like over any period of days, months or years. You can amend or pause plans as required.
  3. Automated Messaging: Edit and customise all of your payment communications including automated receipts as well as cancellation, failure and advance payment notifications.
  4. Customer Self-Serve: Give you customers more control and let them edit their card details, pay overdue amounts or cancel their plans with our inbuilt customer self-service screens.
3. Autocharge

Prommt provides your business with all of the tools to help you remain GDPR and PSD-2 compliant. This implies that you and your customers are able to enjoy all of the benefits of card-on-file payments without worrying about managing sensitive data. With our Autocharge feature, you can store your customers’ card details securely, and make charges direct to their card simply and with your customers’ consent. Your customers are notified each time you make a charge, enabling them opt-out at any stage.

4. Pay-by-Bank

Prommt empowers you to chase and accept payment through bank transfer in seconds from 400+ banks, avoiding all card scheme fees. The cost of each request is independent of its value, which provides you significant savings on high-value transactions compared to traditional card payments.

5. Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Prommt enables you to easily track payments, and unlock the insights you need to get paid smarter and drive improved payment performance. Quickly create custom reports and save them for ongoing use. You can export reports from Prommt for easy reconciliation with other CRM systems and programme alerts to notify when key events such as a payment failure occur.

6. Easy Integration

Prommt plugs directly into your existing payment provider, offers easy API integration with other business systems and delivers powerful reporting capabilities. We are not tied to any single payment provider and maintain active integrations with all major gateways.

Drive profitability and boost payment conversions with seamless bank and card checkouts that follow your customer wherever they are, however they want to pay. See solutions.

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