Enhance Fan Experience and Grow Revenue with Prommt’s Advanced Pay By Link Solution for Sports Hospitality

Lorraine Fahy

28th Jul 2022
Enhance Fan Experience and Grow Revenue with Prommt’s Advanced Pay By Link Solution for Sports Hospitality

Are you still processing payments riskily over the phone or receiving card details through email or WhatsApp, resulting in a poor fan experience and causing you PCI & GDPR/UK DPA compliance concerns?

From processing ticket sales remotely to catering to fans with disabilities, minimising payment friction nurtures brand loyalty and generates opportunities for revenue growth. Sports clubs who make strategic technological investments to provide an efficient and secure method of remote payment collection, empower customers to feel in control of their experience. Such brands are able to create a lasting impact beyond the event itself, and attract more repeat customers.

Recent studies indicate that businesses that offer more flexible payment options are likely to have an enhanced dialogue with their customers, enabling them to offer a better customer service experience.

360° stadium experience
Creating a connected experience for your customer starts before they step foot in the stadium. Every step of the journey, from pre-event planning to enjoying the game live must be consistent across your tech stack.

Source: Oracle UK, 2021

As stadiums and sports facilities expand from being spaces to hold games to becoming business and leisure centres, the right technology must be implemented to enhance fan experience, optimise resources and collect data to improve performance. Writing down card details or asking customers for card details over the phone/email is not compliant with GDPR regulations, renders businesses susceptible to card fraud & chargebacks, and is an unpleasant experience for both the customer and employee involved.

GDPR necessitates businesses to protect the integrity of their customer’s personal data, while providing a legitimate reason for its retention. With reawakened awareness in PCI obligations surrounding card data storage, customers require payment solutions which offer greater ease and security compared to processing payments over the phone. Organisations that have systems in place that proactively protect their customers’ personal card data, communicate their genuine concern for fans and that their brand is consistent in doing the right thing.

By streamlining their payment collection processes, sports clubs can significantly reduce the chances of human error and manual intervention that ties up staff time. This not only improves employee morale, but also enhances fan experience and increases repeat customers.

Why Prommt?

Prommt is an advanced payment request platform that allows you to send secure, branded payment links via email & text message. Our trusted payment links outsource card number entry to the customer, and shift fraud liability to the card issuer and away from the merchant. We partner with all of the main payment providers in the UK, including Barclaycard, Clover/Fiserv, WorldPay and Global Payments.

Enhances Customer Trust

With Prommt, you can send fully branded and customisable payment links. Your customers will see a URL they recognise, embedded in your website. Branded payment request emails are delivered from your corporate domain, and SMS from a custom SMSID. The ability to carry your brand throughout the payment journey helps build trust. With a mobile optimised experience, Prommt delivers high payment completion rates.

Facilitates Flexible Payments

Payment flexibility opens opportunities to enhance the way you interact with customers, building stronger and more enduring relationships. Organisations that use Prommt’s integrated payment communications platform gain a competitive advantage by offering customers an easy, secure and more convenient way to pay. Take payment in multiple currencies, store cards for repeat purchases and set up recurring payments all from our administration portal or orchestrated through the API.

Drive profitability and boost payment conversions with seamless bank and card checkouts that follow your customer wherever they are, however they want to pay. See solutions.


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