Re-Opening Hospitality Safely with Prommt

Lorraine Fahy

16th Jun 2021
Re-Opening Hospitality Safely with Prommt

As the hospitality sector emerges from lockdown and prepares for a critical Summer season, we look at how hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation providers can use Prommt to limit cash transactions and minimise guest contact as they look to re-open safely…

Re-opening the hospitality sector safely

Failte Ireland and the Irish Hotels Federation, working with the Government’s latest public health advice, have created a comprehensive guide for hotels, guesthouses and other hospitality operators to assist in the safe re-opening of the sector. “Guidelines for Re-Opening Hotels and Guesthouses” sets out a range of detailed measures that hospitality businesses should put in place as Covid-19 restrictions are eased. The comprehensive document covers all aspects of an accommodation operation, explaining the necessary steps that operators should take to ensure a safe and smooth re-opening.

“Guests should be encouraged to use card/contactless payment and pay in advance where possible”

Source – Guidelines for Re-Opening Hotels and Guesthouses – P.14

Cash, Cards & Covid-19

Implementing safe payment processes is a recurring theme throughout the document. When it comes to commerce, cash, cards and even payment terminals are notorious sources of contamination. Money is dirty and a huge risk factor in the spread of infectious agents.  A study in 2018 showed that the credit card terminal in an airport contained more viruses than any other surface tested. Further studies have shown that debit and credit cards actually carry more germs than currency. Promoting cashless, contactless and touchless online payments is a good way to prevent the spread of illness amongst your customers and your staff. As such, it’s easy to see why the document consistently recommends that hotels and other accommodation providers should focus on online, pre-payment systems where possible.

“The use of cashless/contactless payment systems is recommended where possible. Online payment should also be considered.”

Source – Guidelines for Re-Opening Hotels and Guesthouses – P.24

Protecting Staff & Customers with Prommt

Prommt provides hospitality businesses with an easy, affordable and effective way to avoid cash and limit customer contact in line with the guidance. The payment success platform has been popular with hotels and other accommodation providers for a long time. Here you can see how many of the leading names in hospitality use Prommt to save time, reduce admin and get paid faster while protecting payments from fraud and chargebacks.

Now, as hotels seek to re-open safely and combat Covid-19, Prommt is also proving to be a core component of Covid-19 protocols.

“Pre-payment processes should be put in place, where possible.”

Source – Guidelines for Re-Opening Hotels and Guesthouses – P.36

The Abbeyglen Castle Hotel has adopted widespread measures and Prommt is an important part of the hotel’s comprehensive Covid-19 plan. Now, before arrival a member of the front office team makes contact to discuss requirements and offer assistance to the guest including the collection of a sanitised key and options for safe in-room dining. They explain that a contact-free checkout is available on the morning of departure and reception will send the guest an SMS link to a secure payment page.

“Prommt has become a central component of our Covid-19 prevention protocols. The contact-free checkouts that it has allowed us to offer have been a real game-changer. Guests are impressed and staff find the system so easy to use. When you add to that all of the other benefits that Prommt brings, in terms of protecting payments and delivering fully-branded payment journeys, I’m confident that Prommt will continue to play an important part in our payment processes even after concerns around Covid-19 have passed. I’d highly recommend it.”

– Ronan Hughes – Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

Make Prommt part of your safe re-opening strategy.

Prommt is being used to secure payments and provide guests with superior service right across the hospitality sector. Our clients range from boutique luxury hotels to large international brands with properties across the globe. And now that contact-free, online payments are more important than ever, it’s the perfect time to see how Prommt can transform payment processes across your property.

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