Securing New Business for Hardware and Builders Merchants

Lorraine Fahy

11th Feb 2021
Securing New Business for Hardware and Builders Merchants

Prommt is helping hardware stores, builders providers and timber merchants across the UK and Ireland to do more business by providing a simple and secure way to take card payments over the phone. In an age of e-commerce, the ability for customers to order online, anytime and anywhere, is critical. In some sectors, however, online shopping isn’t always straightforward. Whether you’re selling products with variable prices that change regularly, like construction materials or dealing with a customer base who haven’t got time to log in and fill a virtual basket, like busy tradespeople, sometimes customers just prefer to pick up the phone.

As a result, hardware stores, builder providers and timber merchants are all businesses that still need to take a lot of card payments over the phone.

Over-the-Phone Payment Challenges

Taking phone payments, however, presents challenges for these merchants:

1. PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the payment industry’s security standards for all companies involved in accepting, transmitting or storing debit and credit card data. Adhering to these standards when taking phone payments is extremely challenging and likely to be impractical for many merchants.

2. Time to Process Payment

Whether it’s your own time or your staff’s time, there is most likely something far more productive you could be doing than taking down your customers’ private credit card details over the phone, one customer at a time – and that’s assuming you can reach the customer in the first place. Inconvenience for Customers – Even when customers want to deal with you on the phone, calling out 16-digit card numbers and worrying about where that information is going to go, is a hassle.

3. Chargeback Risk

The biggest concern for hardware stores and builders providers, however, is the risk of fraud. Most chargebacks are due to fraudulent transactions (i.e stolen cards) and occur through card-not-present environments such as payments taken over the phone. 3-D Secure is the primary way to eliminate chargebacks as it shifts the liability away from the business but implementing 3-D Secure over the phone is not possible because it requires the customer to have an internet connection as part of the identification process.

No one wants to turn away business but in an industry where high-value goods are delivered great distances and where time is of the essence, that is what happens every day. Many hardware providers and builders merchants regularly have to turn down orders from first-time clients for fear of falling victim to fraud and being hit with chargebacks.

Thankfully, Prommt is now helping merchants in this industry to do more business. Our payment request platform allows clients to send secure, personalised payment links directly to customers via email, text or chat.

Prommt’s easy and intuitive web-based interface allows staff members to instantly ping payment requests to customers via the channel that works best for them. Each link directs to a personalised 3-D secure payment process that protects the merchant from chargebacks and makes things easier for the customer.

“Now we’re using Prommt, the customer is not giving us credit card information anymore which increases the security of their information. Prevention of fraud is another important factor. We also have significantly reduced the numbers of COD transactions which is very welcomed.”
– Liam Phelan – Grange Builders Providers

Customers and Merchants Alike Love Prommt

Prommt is a great way for merchants to lower costs, save time and minimise chargebacks but it’s a great solution for customers too:

  • Card details are no longer passed to the merchant; reassuring customers while eliminating the costs and admin associated with merchants carefully managing this sensitive data.
  • Customers can see details of their order and receive instant payment confirmation. Receipts and alerts can all be automated minimising the admin for merchants.
  • Card details can be securely tokenised by the payment gateway so that future purchases are even easier for these new customers. Prommt also plugs into the merchants existing payment gateway so there is no need to switch to another provider.

Ultimately, Prommt provides both merchants and their customers with a quicker, slicker and more secure way to handle payments.

“Prommt has made a massive impact in terms of collecting payments from customers. It has enabled sales for people who we wouldn’t have taken a risk on before. It’s more than just a secure payment method – it has had a dramatic impact on our processes.”
– Charlotte Disbrey – MP Moran

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