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Hotels streamline payment collection with Prommt

A secure alternative to over-the-phone payments

Collecting card data over the phone is a long-established practice for hotels; whether for a room booking, a bottle of champagne for a friend’s suite, a wedding deposit, or a round of golf. Asking callers to visit the website to complete their payment isn’t really a valid solution, as there is no way to ensure they’ll get the deal they agreed on the phone and every moment that goes by puts the sale at risk.

While phone payments may be the default solution for hotels to deal with ‘card not present’ scenarios, it is inconvenient for the customer, and the disadvantages to the business include increased no-shows, chargebacks and card fraud. Furthermore, it treats customer data in an insecure way whilst failing to provide any security of funds due to the potential for chargebacks. While it is inevitable that a high proportion of personal service business, such as hospitality, will continue to be concluded via phone, it is far less secure than card present or online.

The Trustwave Global Security report 2018 examines data breaches worldwide. The report shows that the hospitality industry (hotels, food & beverage) accounted for 21.4% of all data compromises worldwide. Card Not Present accounted for 18% of fraud in 2017. This is down from 29% in 2006 indicating that business are tightening up controls already. However 40% of breaches in the hospitality industry occurred within their internal corporate networks meaning that it is critical for them to minimise storage of, and access to sensitive customer data.

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The Prommt Solution

Prommt provides a faster, more secure way for hotels to request and accept card payments. Instead of taking card details over the phone, staff can simply send customers an SMS or email, each containing a unique link to a personalised online form that the customer can use to complete payment quickly and securely.

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Get Paid Faster

Prommt accelerates guest payment collection. You can stay on top of all payment communications and payments received and issue reminders and refunds at the touch of a button. Unlike manual payment collection by phone, you can send multiple payment requests and receive multiple payments simultaneously.

Secure and Compliant

With Prommt no card details are passed between you, your customers or your staff, therefore the risks of card numbers being inadvertently stolen or compromised are greatly reduced while 3D Secure can also be applied to further minimise the fraud risk.One of the best aspects of the theme is not the theme ifself, but the support that comes along with it. Don’t take our word for it. Hundreds of reviews from our customers say so. Our in-house support team is friendly and professional and usually go out of the way to help you with your requests. Our core developers are also a part of our support team and any reported issues / bugs are quickly patched up. 6 months of Free Support ( Email based ) is included with your purchase.

Whitepaper: Data Protection in the Hotel Sector: the Payments Challenge