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Use Case: How Call Centers can benefit using Prommt

3-D Secure and PCI Compliance for Call Centers

Fraud and chargebacks can represent a major loss of income for companies taking card payments over the phone. There are also significant challenges in PCI compliance with this method of payment. With Prommt the call center agent can simply ask the customer for their mobile number or email and, using the Prommt web console, send the customer a secure payment form link to make the payment directly. 3D Secure can be enabled on the Prommt payment form where required. Prommt also helps the call center stay PCI Compliant as no card details are passed to, or stored by, the call center.

Late and Missed Payment Reminders

Chasing up customers who are late in paying can be an extremely time-consuming exercise. And often, when called, it’s not a very convenient time for the customer to make a card payment over the phone to the agent. With Prommt, the customer can make a payment at their convenience. For the company, the whole process of late payment collection can also be automated so that larger volumes can be handled faster: payment requests can be sent simultaneously to lists of customers and multiple payments processed all at the same time while customer hold times are significantly reduced.