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So, why the change? 

Since we launched Pay2Sender a couple of years ago, we’ve always had it on our “to do” list to rename it. Pay2Sender was never intended to be more than a temporary placeholder, but as our business grew and other priorities took precedent, the re-brand was put on hold as we focused on the more important task of refining and advancing the product itself.  

But now, with significant momentum building within the company and increasing numbers of customers coming on board, we felt it was the right time to make the change. We have big plans going forward and needed a more appropriate brand name to reflect these ambitions. 

Our new name, Prommt, better captures the essence of what our product does and also what we are trying to achieve for our customers.

So as we embark on this next phase for our business, we’d like to thank our customers and partners for your support and feedback so far – we couldn’t be more excited to develop things further with you as Prommt.

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