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Convenient, Contact-Free Checkouts for Hotels

The Abbeyglen Castle Hotel uses Prommt to Support Contact-free Checkouts

The Abbeyglen Castle Hotel, situated in the beautiful landscape of Connemara, in Co. Galway has a reputation for comfort and splendour. During the Covid-19 crisis they wanted a way to enable guests to check out contactlessly, and approached Prommt for a solution.

The biggest driver in the hotel’s decision to adopt Prommt was the system’s ability to help eliminate face-to-face transactions. As the hotel adapted to Covid-19 challenges, minimising physical contact was a key concern. The hotel wanted to implement an automated check out process that would allow guests to leave without the need to present a card at reception. They needed a way to protect payments but more importantly wanted to ensure the safety of both staff and guests.

A Superior Payment Experience that Sets High-End Hotels Apart

Prommt provides a range of benefits; helping hotels to save time, reduce admin and get paid faster while protecting payments from fraud and chargebacks. Hotels also choose Prommt because it allows them to create highly-branded, personalised payment requests via Email and SMS that enhance guest experience.

A Core Component of Covid-19 Protocols

The Abbeyglen Castle Hotel has adopted widespread measures and Prommt is an important part of the hotel’s comprehensive Covid-19 plan. Now, before arrival a member of the front office team makes contact to discuss requirements and offer assistance to the guest including the collection of a sanitised key and options for safe in-room dining. They explain that a contact-free checkout is available on the morning of departure and reception will send the guest an SMS link to a secure payment page.

SMS Payment Requests to Support Contact-Free Checkouts

Prommt suggested that an SMS based solution would work better than email in this scenario. Email remains more appropriate for those advance bookings, and for most hospitality scenarios where clients review and consider their purchase, but SMS is proven to be much more immediate and demanding of action. In short – it is less likely to be missed or ignored by guests and more likely to be paid over breakfast, or in the room before checking out. When the guest pays, an alert email is sent to the front desk letting them know.

Embedded Payment Pages that Build Trust

Another recommendation that goes hand in hand with SMS delivery, is to enable a custom payment page. Abbeyglen guests are sent a link that is based on the abbeyglen.ie domain, but which can only be accessed via the unique securely generated payment request. This customisation is especially important when sending payment requests via SMS as the URL is highly visible.

Protecting More than Just Payments

Feedback from clients is very positive, and the branded experience gives them full confidence to pay online. It has also delivered to Abbeyglen Hotel a simple but effective solution for securing both their payments and the health and safety of their guests and staff.

“Prommt has become a central component of our Covid-19 prevention protocols. The contact-free checkouts that it has allowed us to offer have been a real game-changer. Guests are impressed and staff find the system so easy to use. When you add to that all of the other benefits that Prommt brings, in terms of protecting payments and delivering fully-branded payment journeys, I’m confident that Prommt will continue to play an important part in our payment processes even after concerns around Covid-19 have passed. I’d highly recommend it.”

Ronan Hughes – Abbeyglen Castle Hotel