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Contact-Free Payments for Field Teams on the Move

For those that work in the field services sector – whether it’s drainage, waste, plumbing, or various other services – time is always at a premium. To serve your customers and to be as efficient as possible, you’re always on the move. It’s on to the next job quickly without sacrificing any level of quality or expertise. And this is why the last thing you need is a clunky and outmoded procedure of collecting payments stalling you. This costs time, and can lead to frustration. The job was done and satisfied the needs of your customer. But the payment process? Not so much.

Easy, Contact-Free Payments on the Go

Carrying cash from job to job can be a major hassle – especially at a time when everyone is trying to minimise human contact wherever possible. And if you have to wait while a customer calls head office to make a payment over the phone, not only does this expose the business to the risk of fraud and malicious chargebacks, it’s also costing you valuable time. Irrespective of the type of service required, customers expect a frictionless payment experience. This is why many in the field have now adopted Prommt as their payment method of choice.

A Proven Payment Solution

Companies like Dyno-Rod, Campus Oil, Mr. Binman and many more have seen widespread advantages since using Prommt across all business operations – with secure, branded payment links being sent using email or SMS, making it easier than ever for customers to make payment.

Whether it’s an engineer or service op sending a link from their phones on-site, or someone in head office requesting payment, Prommt ensures a smooth payment journey for all concerned. Many in this space have also found that this has boosted customer confidence, as people have become increasingly nervous with how sensitive data is handled on the other end.

A Powerful, Feature-Rich Platform

Prommt is packed with clever features that will transform your payment processes, as large-scale scheduled payments can also be managed for bigger companies, with Prommt’s bulk messaging capabilities providing staff with a simple way to manage numerous customer payments at once. Recurring payment plans and automatic charges are a breeze, and Prommt can handle large teams for organisations with multiple offices or locations.

Utilising Prommt’s many components, with its unique blend of messaging and card acceptance, businesses have also now opened up a new marketing touchpoint with customers that wasn’t there before. Capturing opt-in for future marketing activities and announcements can often be a tricky scenario, but now, more than ever, companies need to find new and agile ways to communicate directly with its loyal customer base.

An Intuitive Interface with Easy Integration

Prommt provides users with a responsive and easy-to-use interface that can be accessed across any connected device. This makes it a perfect solution for field agents. Our scalable SaaS solution is suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes, while Prommt’s embedded API integration tools means plugging into any existing IT systems and CRM software is smooth and seamless, enabling a more elastic approach to payments but, crucially, not at the expense of operational continuity.

““We’re very impressed with the Prommt application. Our Service Engineers love that they can use it on their smartphones, and don’t need to carry around any special hardware or cash. Our customers are pleased with the convenience of being able to pay securely by card.””

Mairead Browne – Dyno-Rod

More Important than Ever

Contactless payments in the field will become more and more important as cash usage faces rapid decline. Not only do people not carry cash anymore, it’s now become a matter of safety. During these unprecedented times, avoiding close contact and face-to-face transactions is of paramount importance.

Despite the many obstacles facing all sectors, Prommt continues to free up the mobile workforce to work through this as painlessly as possible. Experts in the field can now focus on the job at hand without the headache of carrying hardware or cash to accept payments, enabling them to get more done, and, most importantly, with less risk.

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