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Using Prommt for Covid-19 Customer Record Keeping

Using Prommt to simplify Covid-19 customer record keeping

Covid-19 customer record keeping is now a reality for businesses across the UK & Ireland. To assist in contact tracing efforts, businesses that are open to the public must maintain contact details and other records for every customer that enters the premises. Prommt is helping to simplify that process while at the same time supporting physical distancing and transforming the way you get paid. This infographic explains how…

Prommt is a powerful ally in the fight against Covid-19
About Prommt

Prommt is a powerful payment request platform with the potential to completely eliminate risky and time-consuming offline payments. With its unique blend of messaging and instant online payment, Prommt helps clients to minimise risk, reduce costs, and get paid faster.

Prommt provides businesses with an always-on SaaS platform for sending and managing payment requests, enabling them to receive card payments quickly, conveniently, and securely. It allows merchants to send personalised payment requests instantly via email, SMS and online message. Each request links to a unique 3-D secure payment page where the customer can complete payment easily.