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Digital Transformation of the Hotel Payments Ecosystem

Hospitality businesses face a growing challenge of card fraud and chargebacks associated with their over the phone payments and unsecured online travel agent reservations. At the same time, there is immense pressure to reduce operating costs and improve profit margins. In our Ebook below we discuss the solution that is changing the game for hospitality revenue management.

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Here’s why your payment process might be your most important customer touchpoint

In a world where a single bad review on TripAdvisor weakens a hotel’s online reputation, this article discusses a contentious touchpoint that hotels have full control over, their payment processes.

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How to reduce hotel chargebacks

How do chargebacks work, why are they a big problem in the hospitality industry, and what hotels can do to stop them happening? Read our action plan. 

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Prommt has helped Flannery’s Hotel with securing their bookings, protecting their customers’ data, and improving the labour-intensive processes involved in taking payments.

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Flannery's Hotel

Find out how Prommt has helped Dublin’s Castleknock Hotel improve guest payments.

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Castleknock Hotel

Find out how Prommt has helped Só Hotel Group with GDPR compliance whilst streamlining their reservations process.

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So Hotels