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Message-based payments for the “New Normal”

Over the past decade, digital payment solutions and messaging apps have developed side-by-side at a blistering pace. Now, with the Covid-19 crisis acting as a catalyst for further change, the convergence of these technologies is coming to the fore. Prommt CEO, Donal McGuinness, looks at why message-based payment solutions will play a much bigger part in our new post-Covid reality.

The relentless rise of messaging and payments technology

The Covid-19 crisis has forced many changes. The imposed separation and the distance between friends, families or colleagues has seen the popularity of messaging apps skyrocket. Already the most popular online activity before the crisis, messaging has consolidated its position by helping to bridge the gaps during these challenging times. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, messaging usage has increased by nearly 50% on average globally and by over 70% in some countries according to

Kantar Research. Furthermore, with many businesses forced to move to ‘working-from-home’ or ‘delivery-only’ models of operation, the importance of having robust, remote payment capabilities has never been more pronounced. The businesses that have truly set themselves apart during this crisis are those that have embraced connectivity to remain reachable and responsive.

Message-based payment solutions for a new reality

Customers want the businesses they buy from to engage with them on their terms. The current crisis has served to further underline that fact. Why should customers go looking for the checkout when you can bring it to them? Should they have to pay right this instant, when it might suit to pay later in the day? Why should they go to your website to chat when they already use a messaging app? Customers expect businesses to meet them where they already are online. And that is increasingly on messaging platforms. Business owners need to start thinking more about alerts and chats rather than carts and checkouts. Message-based payment solutions address all of these consumer demands and they will play a much bigger role in the ‘new normal’ that will emerge when this crisis finally passes. Here’s why…

Your customers love messaging

Most likely you use at least one messaging app, if not several. Whether it’s Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat, messaging is now the most popular activity online. In the last number of years messaging apps have surpassed social media platforms in terms of active users. It’s where people spend the most time online. It’s super-efficient and less intrusive or attention-demanding than other forms of communication. That makes it perfect for multitasking. Your customers love messaging and the proof is in the pudding; call centres the world over are seeing dramatic drops in call volumes as customers move to chat in droves.


Businesses starting to get the message

With customers spending so much time messaging, businesses are starting to follow suit.  More and more brands are using messaging apps as a marketing channel. Live chat solutions like

Intercom and Drift are prevalent on customer-focused websites across the globe. Whatsapp’s Business App is quickly establishing itself as a must-have for consumer brands, SMS is going nowhere soon and Rich Communication Services (RCS) will soon become mainstream. During the current crisis, many of these tools have been brought centre-stage. In the absence of retail outlets and with lots of phone numbers ringing out, customers are flocking to messaging and chat channels in greater numbers than ever before.

The rise of digital payments

The proliferation of innovative digital payment options has been staggering. We have never had so many options for making payments. As people seek to avoid cash or physical contact, Covid-19 has accelerated adoption of these newer payments methods. How many people have only started using Apple Pay or Google Pay in the last 6 weeks, even though they have known for a while that it was available?

Cash is on the decline and will never fully recover. The countless digital options, now at our fingertips, are edging out physical currency and ultimately, moving money has never been easier. We’re seeing a myriad of payment innovations, driven by changing consumer behaviour and an unending quest for evermore convenience.


Payments for the ‘New Normal’

The pandemic has served to massively accelerate this digital transformation that has been coming for quite some time. The “new normal” will see many of the practices and technologies adopted during this crisis sticking around for the long haul. Remote working, video conferencing, online shopping and video tutorials on everything from baking to bodybuilding; these lockdown-life phenomena won’t disappear overnight once restrictions are lifted. We’re digital beasts now and, as such, we expect payments to blend seamlessly into our always-on, device-driven lives. Message-based payments are the logical next step. They will leverage the popularity of messaging and the innovation of payments technology to make payments faster, safer and easier for both businesses and customers.

Businesses are now seeing the clear need now for remote payment collection and understand that not every product or service can be sold via traditional eCommerce or face-to-face. There is a vast untapped potential in this space and Prommt is at the forefront. Our innovative payment communications platform is working to help merchants of all sizes capitalise on the popularity of messaging and payments.

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Prommt provides organisations of all sizes with a faster, more secure way to collect payments. Our platform reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks, and helps keep you GDPR-compliant.

  • Secure & Compliant – No card details are passed between you, your customers or your staff, so the risks of card numbers being stolen or compromised are greatly reduced.

  • Get Paid Faster – Prommt is your companion in eliminating offline payments while still getting paid quickly. It helps you stay on top of all direct card payments requested and received.

  • Guest Satisfaction – Safe and convenient, Prommt puts the customer in control with a fully transparent and frictionless payment experience. Prommt can also provide guests with the ability to make payments across multiple currencies.

  • Clear Communication – Send branded, personalised payment requests by SMS and email as well as automatic receipts and notifications.

  • Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks – Prommt takes risky telephone and other offline payments through an online, 3-D Secure payment process.

  • Easy Integration – Prommt connects to your existing payment gateway while our API allows you to connect to your property management, CRM and booking systems.

Prommt is a modern streamlined solution for taking hotel payments by phone

Prommt provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with an efficient, affordable and feature-rich solution for managing telephone payments. It is easy to adopt and even easier to use. A free, 15-minute demo will show you exactly how Prommt can transform the way your business requests, collects and manages payments.

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