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Payment Requests

So much more than pay by link

Ensuring that your payment requests are successful is where Prommt sets itself apart from basic pay by link solutions. Our payment success platform is packed with clever features that will transform the way you get paid.

How it works

At it’s core Prommt takes pay-by-link to the next level. Delivering secure, personalised payment requests in real-time has never been easier.

Gather Contact Details

All you need is your customers’ mobile number, email or social profile along with the amount owed.

Send your request

Your customer will receive a secure fully branded checkout page by text, email or online message. Paying you is quick, secure and convenient.

Receive Payment Directly

You receive the payment to your merchant account. You can track all payments received and issue reminders or refunds.

Reach your customers wherever they are

Collect payments from your customers however they interact with your business. Along with SMS and Email, we enable you to send personalised payment links through social and chat.

Deliver a branded experience

Prommt gives you all the tools you need to make payment journeys feel native. Keep customers close and keep your brand centre stage. With Prommt, you can provide a fully-branded experience from end-to-end.

Bespoke Sender Identity

Edit email address and SMS sender IDs so that all communications appear to come directly from your organisation.

Embedded Payment Pages

Host Prommt’s personalised checkout pages on your own website and provide customers with a URL they recognise.

Custom Email Designs

Mirror your other transactional or branded communications exactly so that customers have the confidence to pay quickly.

Easily manage your team and locations

Manage your payments from the Prommt dashboard. Easily add users and locations to set your team up for payment success.

With the highest
level of security

We keep both you and your customers protected with PCI Level 1 security so you can focus on growing your business. Turn risky and time-consuming remote payments into 3D Secure online transactions, minimising the risk of fraud and chargebacks.


So much more than pay-by-link

International Payments

Collect payments in multiple currencies and from any where in the world.

Bulk Actions

Send multiple personalised payment requests at the same time.

Gateway Agnostic

Use any of the leading online payment gateways.

Real-time alerts

Get email alerts for pre-defined events such as failed payments and plan unsubscribes.

Automated expiry

Give your payment links a shelf life to create a sense of urgency and increase security.

Custom Templates

Create multiple custom templates to let your brand shine

More ways to use Prommt

Recurring Payments

Prommt takes the hassle out of ongoing subscriptions with an easier and more flexible alternative to direct debit that allows you to create recurring payment plans in just a few clicks.


With our Autocharge feature, you can store your customers’ card details securely, and make charges direct to their card simply and with your customers’ consent.