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Prommt Product Updates: February 2021

Get Alerted when a message fails to reach your customer

Do you rely on sms and email alerts to let you know when a payment request status changes? Now you can be alerted when that payment request fails to reach your customer. In order to enable this just ask your Account Admin to configure it in Settings > Alerts.

Message Failed Alert

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Download the list of users in your account

For administrators, managing all the users on your Prommt account can be hard work. Now you can export all the users from your Users List and check their last activity date.

Check what card brand your customer used to complete the payment

The card that your customer uses can have an impact on your bottom line. So we’ve made it easier to report on by including it in payment details. It also appears in the Payments Table so you can quickly see all the cards that are being used at a glance, or report on it by downloading the CSV.

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