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Prommt Product Updates: April 2021

Default Reminders

Make sure that your customers don’t forget to pay with Reminders. Your account admin can set a standard SMS and email reminder schedule from settings or you can enable when creating a payment request. We’ve now included a default template so it’s even easier to nudge your customers to pay.

Please log into Prommt and then click here to learn more about automatic payment reminders.

Low Credit Alert

When you’re low on credits we’ll email your account owner to let them know including all the information they’ll need, like how long until the credits automatically renew.

Add 2 Attachments to a Group Payment Request

Now you can include two attachments when creating a group payment request. Make sure to use the new csv template provided in the group flow. Please login to Prommt and click here to learn more about how to send multiple payment requests in one go.