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Prommt Product Updates: July 2021

Improved Payment Plan Permissions

If you use Autocharge and Recurring Payments within Prommt, you now have greater control over which users can access and manage those plans. We have just added the ability for account admins to set preferences when creating a new user. So, if you prefer to keep things so that only the staff member who created the plan can access and apply charges under that plan, that’s fine.

Now though, you can give staff members the ability to see and manage all plans, at their location. This will be very useful in scenarios, where for example, one member of staff requests the initial payment and creates an Autocharge plan but then a different colleague needs to charge the final balance or any other future charge.

Admins can find this functionality available when you log into Prommt and add a new user…

API Updates

We’ve also made a couple of key updates to our API. Great news for the many clients use it to integrate Prommt into their other business systems. 

  1. You can now send attachments with payment requests sent via our API. That means users with Prommt integrated into their ERP, CRM, ePOS or any other system can generate quotes or invoices and then attach them to a Prommt payment request. 
  2. Information about the card brand that a customer used to pay can now be ported via the API. This will help clients who otherwise would need to log into their payment gateway portal to retrieve this information so while a small change, it can have a big impact on ease of reporting. 

Messaging Reliability Improvements

We’ve also released a number of improvements focused on increasing the reliability of message status updates. We have removed statuses that were a common cause for confusion. Messages associated with payment requests will now show as either “sent” or “failed”.  This should make it much clearer for users as to which messages might need to be resent via a different channel.