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Prommt Product Updates: March 2021

Send additional information to your clients with 2 attachments

Prommt now lets you add an additional file or link that you can send to your customers via SMS, Email or by sharing a link. This can be useful if you need to include extra information such as brochures, invoices or links to certain parts of your website.

This will automatically appear for all users when sending a request by Email, SMS or sharing a link, and appears at the bottom of the first screen.

Please log into Prommt and then click here to learn more about how you can attach files to your payment requests.

Group Accounts Statistics + Default Currency

We now allow Group Account Owners to choose a default currency for reporting, which will also reflect on any Group Administrator on the account. This should help ensure the right currency is being viewed when doing reporting from your Group Account.

Your CSM will speak to you further if you can avail of this new feature.