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Re-Opening Safely with Prommt

As hardware stores and construction sites across Ireland swing back into action, we look at how businesses can use Prommt to limit cash transactions and minimise customer contact when re-opening safely…

Returning to Work Safely

The Irish government’s “Return to Work Safely Protocol” sets out a range of detailed measures that businesses should put in place as Covid-19 restrictions are eased. Physical distancing, particularly in customer-facing roles, is a key focus of the document.

The guidance explains the importance of limiting contact and suggests a range of possible solutions including online & phone orders, managed entry, one-way systems, physical barriers and contactless deliveries.

Cash, Cards & Covid-19

One area of risk, not explicitly mentioned in the document but an obvious concern nonetheless, is the handling of cash and cards. When it comes to commerce, cash, cards and even payment terminals are notorious sources of contamination. Money is dirty and a huge risk factor in the spread of infectious agents. 

A study in 2018 showed that the credit card terminal in an airport contained more viruses than any other surface tested. Further studies have shown that debit and credit cards actually carry more germs than currency. Promoting cashless, contactless and touchless online payments is a good way to prevent the spread of illness amongst your customers and your staff.

Protecting Staff & Customers with Prommt

Prommt provides businesses with an easy, affordable and effective way to avoid cash and limit customer contact. Since the beginning of the crisis, the platform has seen a massive surge in interest from essential services such as doctors, pharmacies, vets and other care providers.

The system allows merchants to turn risky and time-consuming offline transactions into safe and secure online payments. The popularity of Prommt, as part of a response to Covid-19, rests heavily of the speed and ease with which the solution can be deployed. And the simplicity of the process for customers is another big draw:

    1. Customers simply provide an email address or mobile number.
    2. They then receive an instant, personalised payment link via text or email.
    3. The link brings them to a secure payment page where they can quickly and conveniently make payment.
Helping Businesses to Re-Open Safely

The platform has helped businesses across a range of sectors to quickly adapt to Covid-19 restrictions, eliminating the need to handle cash and effectively supporting delivery, collection and online services with a simple and secure solution for remote payments.

With many hardware stores reopening for the first time in more than two months, those that have already had Prommt in place will be way ahead of the curve.

As more and more business sectors reopen in the coming weeks, Prommt will continue to play an important part in helping clients to avoid cash, limit contact and to operate safely. Book a demo today…