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Remote Payments are More Important than Ever

The rise of online, mobile and other forms of remote payment has been relentless. Cash has been declining for years. In retail, physical footfall has steadily decreased. And now, with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis across the globe, the need for merchants to provide fast, frictionless and remote payment options is more pronounced than ever. And businesses that previously never needed such a function now find themselves in uncharted water. 

Remote payments are safer than cash

Even just a fortnight ago, many business owners couldn’t imagine the need to stop taking cash. But now it’s imperative. Businesses of all sizes have been advised against handling physical currency. This will require merchants who had no previous online capacity to now possess a remote payment capability. Indeed, it may become integral to their survival.

A matter of public safety

Contactless or remote payments have always been handy. Now, it’s a matter of public safety. Data has shown that minimising contact with those around you drastically limits the spread of Covid-19. In this ongoing and ever-changing emergency, everyone must play their part. No one knows how long this will last, and there are surely tough times ahead.

Working together to combat Covid-19

We’ve seen shifts in financial practices across the board. From AIB postponing a planned surcharge on contactless transactions to a temporary freeze on mortgage repayments, things are changing fast. Everyone has been forced to adapt. Phrases like “Contact-free”, “Touchless” and “Cashless” are becoming commonplace. And many business owners feel like they’ve been caught on the back foot. 

Technology means remote payments are easier than ever

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to shift to remote forms of payment. Pay-by-link solutions like Prommt can seamlessly integrate into any existing payment processes. At Prommt, we’ve already seen several types of new clients coming to the platform. They recognise Prommt as a quick way to establish payment procedures that minimise human contact:

Doctors & Medical Practices – Primary health care providers are facing huge demand. At the same time, they need to implement processes that minimise human contact and comply with public health advice about social distancing. Prommt is providing an effective way for many GPs and local clinics to eliminate cash and ‘card-present’ payments.

Pharmacies – Community pharmacies are another essential component in effectively combating Covid-19. Workers there will be on the frontline for the duration of this crisis and will want to avoid the local chemist becoming a potential vector for the virus. As such, pharmacies across the country are moving quickly to implement new methods of payment with collection or delivery services that adhere to social distancing guidelines. Prommt can provide an efficient and reliable payment option to support these new measures.

Cafe & RestaurantsWith the government’s recent announcement that all restaurants and cafes should stop providing dine-in facilities, many eateries that didn’t offer delivery or collection options are now scrambling to put something in place. Sites like Gigable can provide restaurants with easy access to delivery drivers and Prommt can provide a smart payment solution that eliminates the need to handle cash.

Crises are often the catalysts of the greatest change. The march towards a cashless society has seemed inevitable for some time. However, this public health emergency is accelerating things and forcing many businesses to reevaluate the use of cash today.

The ability to adapt is key  

These extraordinary measures look set to continue for quite some time. And in this evolving situation, businesses need to adapt and find a new way to operate. People still need goods and services. Thankfully, Prommt provides a quick and easy way for merchants to overcome the challenges associated with accepting payments remotely.

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Prommt provides organisations of all sizes with a faster, more secure way to collect payments. Our platform reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks, and helps keep you GDPR-compliant.

  • Secure & Compliant – No card details are passed between you, your customers or your staff, so the risks of card numbers being stolen or compromised are greatly reduced.

  • Get Paid Faster – Prommt is your companion in eliminating offline payments while still getting paid quickly. It helps you stay on top of all direct card payments requested and received.

  • Customer Satisfaction – Safe and convenient, Prommt puts the customer in control with a fully transparent and frictionless payment experience. Prommt can also provide guests with the ability to make payments across multiple currencies.

  • Clear Communication – Send branded, personalised payment requests by SMS and email as well as automatic receipts and notifications.

  • Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks – Prommt takes risky telephone and other offline payments through an online, 3-D Secure payment process.

  • Easy Integration – Prommt connects to your existing payment gateway while our API allows you to connect to your property management, CRM and booking systems.

Prommt is a modern streamlined solution for taking hotel payments by phone

Prommt provides hotels with an efficient, affordable and feature-rich solution for managing telephone payments. It is easy to adopt and even easier to use. A free, 15-minute demo will show you exactly how Prommt can transform the way your business requests, collects and manages payments.

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