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Reporting & Integration

Advanced insights and effortless integration

Prommt plugs directly into your existing payment provider, offers easy API integration with other business systems and delivers powerful reporting capabilities.

Painless payment integration

Prommt works seamlessly with your existing payment provider, plugging into your existing infrastructure. That means a quick set-up and zero disruption to the parts of your payment process that already work.

Advanced automation

Our comprehensive API allows your tech team to build Prommt functionality directly into your other business systems, streamlining operations and bringing greater efficiency to your payment processes.

Responsive reporting for actionable insights

Quickly create custom reports and save them for ongoing use. You can export reports from Prommt for easy reconciliation with other systems and programme alerts to notify when key events such as a payment failure or a refund occur. Prommt helps you to unlock the insights you need to get paid smarter and drive improved payment performance.

Superior payment experiences

Gateway Agnostic

Prommt is not tied to any single payment provider and we maintain active integrations with all major gateways.

Easy Automation

Our API allows you to integrate Prommt’s clever features into your existing business systems for seamless automation.

Advanced Insights

Drill down into your payment performance to discover the insights that will drive additional revenue.

More ways to use Prommt

Recurring Payments

Prommt takes the hassle out of ongoing subscriptions with an easier and more flexible alternative to direct debit that allows you to create recurring payment plans in just a few clicks.


With our Autocharge feature, you can store your customers’ card details securely, and make charges direct to their card simply and with your customers’ consent.

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