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Superior Payment Management for Fuel Distributors

Fuelling the Future of Easy Payments

For fuel delivery companies, payments can be a challenge, particularly if supplying direct to consumers. A lot of time and money goes into routing and scheduling deliveries in order to maximise efficiency. Payment issues can disrupt those tightly-timed schedules and keep drivers tied up while other customers are waiting. That’s why fuel providers across the UK and Ireland are now turning to Prommt in order to keep payments running smoothly…

Traditionally, home heating oil distributors or solid fuel providers would take payments over the phone using a virtual terminal. This was not only inefficient in terms of staff time, it also exposed the company to unsecured payments and GDPR risks. Thankfully, there is now a better way which allows fuel companies to retain their personal touch but makes the whole payment process smoother and more secure for both the company and their customers.

Introducing Prommt

Prommt enables businesses to send branded payment requests via email, text and other messaging channels, enabling them to communicate effectively with their customers. They can take individual payments, set up recurring plans, and manage account arrears in bulk.

But of particular use to fuel distributors is Prommt’s Autocharge feature which enables them to store customer cards along with the customer’s approval to apply any future amount to the card. This means that when they get a call requesting a delivery they don’t waste time, they just use Autocharge to apply the full cost of the order and get on with organising their delivery schedule for the day.

Customers love the convenience, and because they get a detailed email notification each time the card is charged, they remain in control. Autocharge is a great way for companies to build deeper trusted relationships with their best customers.

It’s more efficient

Delivery schedules can be planned with more certainty, drivers no longer need to process payments, take cash on delivery or ‘put their customer on to head office”. They can dispense and move on to the next delivery. Office staff back at base no longer need to chase for payment, or check accounts to see who has paid.

How Prommt works for fuel deliveries

Prommt is a powerful platform with many applications for fuel providers. Here is an example of how Prommt could help improve the efficiency of your deliveries.

Prommt payments make delivery schedules more efficient for fuel companies
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