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Take your payments up a gear with Prommt

Dealerships, garages, distributors, car hire businesses and even motor insurance companies are all using Prommt. They use it to improve their payments process while enhancing customer experience. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how. But first, let’s take a look at why…

Customer Confidence is Crucial

In the motor trade, customer experience matters. Ask any successful dealership or garage. They’ll tell you that things like establishing a rapport or providing excellent after-sales service are just as important as reliability or fuel economy.

For most people, buying a car is a big deal. It isn’t the kind of thing we do every day. Whether it’s new or used, a car is among the largest purchases most of us will ever make. However, most of us don’t really know that much about cars. As a result, providing a great customer experience is so important. Customers need to feel comfortable. Anything that a business can do to build trust and make things easier for customers is a worthwhile investment.

High-Performance Payment Processes

So, it’s no surprise that so many companies in this space are now flocking to Prommt. They want to bring greater speed, security and customer satisfaction to their payment procedures. Here are just some of the ways that Prommt is being used to power payments and delight customers:

Corporate Compliance

The world is increasingly concerned with data security. Consumers care about how companies store, process and manage their personal or financial information. Car brands spend a lot on marketing. Image is everything. Poor data management practices can lead to breaches, big fines and costly reputational damage.

Corporate headquarters are now insisting that regional dealerships and dealer networks raise their game when it comes to processing card details or customer data. Prommt is one tool that dealerships and car rental companies, like Sixt, are using to eliminate the need to process payment information on site.

Prommt sends the customer a secure personalised payment request. This links directly to a protected payment page where they input their credit card details. It means that staff at the dealership or garage don’t need to worry about how to safely process and manage this sensitive data.

Sales Assistance

Handling deposits is a real headache in many car dealerships. It might be a holding deposit to ensure a car isn’t sold before a prospective customer can view it, or a purchase deposit which goes towards payment while finance is arranged.

Either way, lots of customers want to pay with their card. Often, they do this is over the phone. Manually taking card payments this way is risky, cumbersome and time-consuming. Customers expect speed and efficiency. New technologies are making cars smarter and more connected than ever before – the sales and payment experience needs to follow suit.

Prommt allows leading dealer networks, like Bowker Motor Group and Eastern Western , to drive this clunky process online. This saves time for both salespeople and customers while opening up a new marketing touchpoint, with a branded experience neatly embedded into each payment request.

Streamlined Servicing

Prommt is also delivering benefits across service departments and workshops. Maximising capacity is crucial for mechanics. Their time is a precious commodity. You can’t store idle hours and sell them next week. As such, cancellations can be costly.

Prentice operates BMW & Mini Dealerships in and around Portadown, and it’s a great example of how Prommt is being used right across this high-end motor business.

“Prommt is a great system, we use it all the time to take deposits on cars, services and parts from customers. It’s quick, easy and far better for us than taking card numbers over the phone, and we like the security and branding. Overall, Prommt is a more professional way for us to transact with our customers.”

Mark McKelvey
Prentice Portadown

Prepaid Parts

Prommt protects merchants from fraud and malicious chargebacks too. In the motor parts business, shipping expensive products all over the country comes with the territory. For regular clients, there will be credit terms and invoices and long-established trust. With first-time customers, it’s a little trickier.

A drawn-out credit approval process while you verify identities and creditworthiness might lead to lost sales. On the other hand, you can take a card payment for the products over the phone and hope that the buyer is legitimate. If that card has been cloned or stolen, however, you’ll be liable when the inevitable chargeback follows.

With Prommt, parts distributors can collect payments upfront from customers quickly and securely. The prospective buyer gets an instant request detailing the products and is brought online to a 3-D Secure payment page to complete the transaction. This is efficient and reassuring from the new customer’s perspective. For the seller, it offers protection from fraud by shifting the liability for any chargebacks onto the issuer.

Technology Driving Change

Technology is changing the way we drive. Cars are more connected and advanced than ever before. So it’s no surprise that the industry is using innovative solutions like Prommt to ensure their payment processes perform to the same high standard.

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Prommt provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with a faster, more secure way to collect payments. Our platform reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks, and helps keep you GDPR-compliant.

  • Secure & Compliant – No card details are passed between you, your customers or your staff, so the risks of card numbers being stolen or compromised are greatly reduced.

  • Get Paid Faster – Prommt is your companion for remote and phone transactions, helping you stay on top of all direct card payments requested and received.

  • Customer Satisfaction – Safe and convenient, Prommt puts the customer in control with a fully transparent and frictionless payment experience.

  • Clear Communication – Send branded, personalised payment requests by SMS and email as well as automatic receipts and notifications.

  • Stored Card Payments – Prommt’s ‘Autocharge’ and ‘Recurring Payments’ features allow you to make direct-to-card payments – ideal for regular and repeat clients. All card information is tokenised and secured at the payment gateway level so you no longer have the responsibility of processing this sensitive financial data.

  • Easy Integration – Prommt connects to your existing payment gateway while our API allows you to integrate with your existing software and management systems.

Prommt is a modern streamlined solution for taking hotel payments by phone

Prommt provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with an efficient, affordable and feature-rich solution for managing telephone payments. It is easy to adopt and even easier to use. A free, 15-minute demo will show you exactly how Prommt can transform the way your business requests, collects and manages payments.

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