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User & Location Management

Manage large teams across many locations

With tiered access control and easy user management, accommodating complex teams across multiple locations isn’t a problem for Prommt.

Made to measure

The Prommt platform can be configured to perfectly reflect the structure and needs of your organisation, no matter how complex.

Programme Locations

Use the location feature to adapt your Prommt account to the true nature of your organisation. You may have many sites or branches across multiple countries. Or maybe you want to create different teams within a single site.

Customise Communications

You can then customise and modify message templates, receipts and other communications based on the requirements of each specific location. Cleverly use our variable data fields to make each message feel highly relevant and personalised.

Manage Permissions

Control what users can do and see within Prommt. Easily assign individual users to a specific location or team and define which requests they can see and what level of access they have. Adding and removing users is a breeze with Prommt.

All the users you need

With Prommt adding users is easy and you can add as many as you need. Some of our largest clients manage thousands of individual team members from a single account.

Transforming payments in all the right places

Built for scale, Prommt provides the ability to manage large, complex team across multiple locations. Intuitive location management lets you structure your team to reflect the makeup of your organisation.

More ways to use Prommt

Recurring Payments

Prommt takes the hassle out of ongoing subscriptions with an easier and more flexible alternative to direct debit that allows you to create recurring payment plans in just a few clicks.


With our Autocharge feature, you can store your customers’ card details securely, and make charges direct to their card simply and with your customers’ consent.

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Prommt will transform how your business requests and collects payment from your customers

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