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The Ampersand Hotel

The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington is right in the heart of London’s glamorous museum district. This luxury boutique hotel works tirelessly to provide magical and memorable experiences that connect guests to the very best that the area has to offer.

The Challenge

Situated at the centre of London’s famous cultural scene, this luxury boutique hotel neighbours some of the world’s best-known galleries and museums. The Ampersand Hotel, as the name suggests, is all about connections. Connecting Victorian architecture with contemporary design. Connecting the hotel with the many marvellous attractions on its doorstep. Connecting guests to unforgettable experiences & memorable moments.

A property that puts such emphasis on seamless connectedness needs to offer payment experiences that are integrated effortlessly. The hotel wanted to move away from time-consuming telephone payments and third-party forms. Taking card details over the phone is clunky and risky. There had to be a better way to manage the process.

The Ampersand Hotel was looking for a payment request solution that would help save time, reduce admin, increase security and ultimately, improve guest experiences. Prommt was the answer.

The Solution

The hotel adopted Prommt in 2018. The service integrated easily with existing systems. Set-up and roll-out were straightforward. Prommt quickly helped to improve payment procedures and the platform is now used across all areas of the property.

Gone are the days of guests calling out card numbers over the phone. Booking payments are requested immediately with guests receiving a secured, personalised payment link.

Payments are made on fully-branded web pages which are integrated into the hotel’s own website.

The ‘Autocharge’ functionality offered by Prommt allows guests to automatically pay for extras throughout their stay. There is no need to produce a card at every turn. Payments are taken as soon as additional purchases are made and guests receive detailed receipts instantly.

This makes the check-out process much smoother, gives guests better visibility on their spend and proves particularly useful for large meetings or corporate events too.

Room at The Ampersand Hotel where Prommt is now used to improve payments
Prommt is great for hotels who run lots of meetings and events

“Prommt has had a very real and positive impact on our payment procedures. It has significantly reduced the administrative burden that comes with telephone payments. It has also brought greater security and made things easier for our staff. Most importantly, it has helped us to provide guests with a much more seamless and effortless experience.”

Jans Mazur – Finance Director | The Ampersand Hotel

The Results

With Prommt, the Ampersand Hotel has brought greater cohesion to the entire payment process right across the property. The solution saves time for staff, helps to limit revenue leakage and provides guests with the type of seamless, secure payment experience that they expect from a hotel of this calibre. Prommt has proven so successful, in fact, that it has now been adopted by sister property Vintry & Mercer too.