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Castleknock Hotel

Find out how Prommt has helped Dublin’s Castleknock Hotel improve guest payments. 


Situated in leafy suburbia, a short 15 minute drive from Dublin airport, Castleknock Hotel is a 4-Star, 190-room hotel. The hotel serves tourists, business travellers and locals with a highly-rated accommodation, dining, spa and gym offering.

The Challenge

Offering online payments via third-party platforms was helping the Castleknock Hotel earn customers, but flaws in the methods used were causing sub-par experiences for guests and inefficiencies for the hotel.

Castleknock Hotel customers could visit a third-party website to pay for stays and services, but many felt uncomfortable entering their data into the third-party form provided.

“People were afraid to give card information over the third-party payment method we were using. That meant we were dependent on payments by phone, which wasn’t ideal in terms of compliance, and caused delays when customers didn’t have all their card details to hand”; according to Ammar Khurshid, Assistant Financial Controller, Castleknock Hotel.

And with staff time at a premium following a 52-room extension to the hotel, something had to change.

The Solution

Castleknock Hotel quickly saw customers responding more positively to the online payment process after implementing Prommt, which guests have found more trustworthy and accessible than the third-party payment forms used by the hotel previously.

Smoother online payments have been more than just a customer-pleaser at Castleknock Hotel; they’ve also made life easier for the reservations team, especially when it comes to accommodating guests with relatively complex requirements and expenditures.

“We’ll often get corporate bookings where someone wants to pay for services by card,” says Ammar. “If a corporate guest is staying and they use more funds which would be added to their end-of-visit charge, the reservations team can let reception know they can take more payment through Prommt’s Autocharge facility. This is a big improvement on having to chase guests for authorisation.”

Prommt also worked closely with Castleknock Hotel to create a solution for safely sharing information between teams securely and in compliance with regulations.

Castleknock Hotel Lobby

“I would like to praise the Customer Success team at Prommt. They quickly answered any questions I directed and did a great job of training our staff on how to use Prommt.”

Ammar Khurshid – Assistant Financial Controller | Castleknock Hotel

The Results

Prommt has given Castleknock Hotel something it’s previous online payment providers couldn’t: an online payment method that meets the requirements of staff, customers and data privacy regulations alike.