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David M Robinson

Prestigious jewellery and luxury watch retailer DMR uses Prommt to provide superior payment experiences.


This prestigious jewellery retailer uses Prommt to provide exceptional customer care throughout the payment process. Fully utilising Prommt’s customisation capabilities, David M Robinson has developed a payment experience that blends seamlessly with the unrivalled levels of personal service for which the brand is renowned.

The Challenge

David M Robinson offers an exceptional concierge commerce experience from its showrooms in Liverpool, Manchester, Altrincham and Canary Wharf in London. Authorised dealers for Rolex, Patek Philippe, IWC, Tudor, OMEGA and TAG Heuer, they are also renowned for designing their own range of high-end, award-winning jewellery.

Having celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019, David M Robinson considers excellent customer experience as the pinnacle of their brand values, and their customers are greeted as one might expect at a luxury hotel or restaurant.

Managing Director John Robinson says that the relationship with the customer needs to go way beyond normal retail, stating; “…customers will always want the best of something and they will always want genuine experiences. There’s a maxim that you can forget someone’s name, but you’ll never forget how they made you feel.”

Because that personal touch is so important, their sales focus has not depended on e-commerce and much more on a bespoke sales process and card-present processing. DMR develop long-standing relationships with their customers, discussing their requirements and maybe having something special delivered in person.

Previously processing these payments over the phone left them vulnerable to card fraud or chargebacks so they sought a way to take remote payments more securely while upholding the level of quality and service.

The Solution

Euronet and PXP introduced Prommt to David M Robinson in early 2020, knowing the platform would provide a fully branded payment solution with one aim – to give their high spending customers complete confidence to make a payment.

Their Payment Request emails come from a DMR address, are fully branded in their house style, and link to a URL embedded in their website. When Covid-19 locked down their stores, the Prommt solution gave them the ability to continue trading.

The Prommt web interface is fully responsive and scales from computer to mobile phone screens, so DMR colleagues have the ability to communicate instantly with their customers and ensure that payments are fully secure.

David M Robinson uses Prommt

“Prommt has allowed us to easily blend remote, digital payments with our highly personal and consultative sales process. The process feels natural and convenient to both staff and customers while allowing us to carry our brand through every step of the payment journey.”

Karl Irwin – Director | David M Robinson

The Results

Feedback from staff and customers alike has been excellent and the monthly turnover through Prommt has continued to grow throughout 2020. Prommt has been a key part of their adoption of new digital skillsets, helping them find new ways to communicate with their customers in ways that complement in-store and at home showcasing of their products.