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Find out how Dyno-Rod have implemented Prommt across their whole fleet, resulting in increased productivity and better visibility of payments. 


Dyno-Rod has operated in Ireland since 1975 and is the market leader in drain-cleaning, with a fleet of over 50 service engineers across the country. The company prides itself on offering its customers the professionalism of a national service, with the care and knowledge of local expertise.

The Challenge

With over 50 engineers delivering services to domestic and business customers 24/7, the secure and efficient collection and management of customer payments was a challenge for Dyno-Rod. It needed a way that service engineers could collect payment from customers as soon as the drainage job was finished and the final price known. A mobile-enabled solution was imperative.

Drivers had to carry cash or wait while a payment was phoned through to head office, which carried the risk of card fraud and chargebacks. They also learned that customers have become more concerned about data security, and are less willing to share card details over the phone. This led Dyno-Rod to seek out Prommt to help them address these challenges.

The Solution

Dyno-Rod have implemented Prommt across their whole fleet. Each service engineer is provided with their own login to the system, using Prommt directly from their own smartphones. When they’re finished completing a job they can simply ask the customer for their mobile number or email, enter it into the application, and generate a payment request. They can also include invoice and docket numbers as custom fields with the request. Customers receive the message and can complete payment immediately by entering their card details on the secure payment form that is generated along with each request. The service engineers are alerted after each payment has been successfully made and can view all payments they have requested and received.

Head office managers have administrator-level login, enabling them to view all payment activity across the whole system. Managers and call-centre staff can also send payment requests themselves from Prommt, and if required, resend any requests or refund payments made from Prommt. The statistics dashboard allows managers to see total payments sent, received, or pending for any date range, while the detailed ‘Transactions View’ provides them with a full audit trail, and enables full reconciliation with bank statements.

Dyno Rod

“We’re very impressed with the Prommt application. Our Service Engineers love that they can use it on their smartphones, and don’t need to carry around any special hardware or cash. Our customers are pleased with the convenience of being able to pay securely by card.”

Mairead Browne – Account Manager | Dyno-Rod

The Results

Feedback on Prommt has been overwhelmingly positive. Service engineers find the Prommt application easy to access and use, while head office staff are very pleased with the level of control they have on all activity.

Dyno-Rod’s customers have been very satisfied with the convenience of making payment using Prommt’s dynamic payment forms.

Increased productivity has also been noted as engineers are able to get more jobs done with the time they are saving using Prommt’s speedy interface.