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Flannery’s Hotel

Prommt has helped Flannery’s Hotel with securing their bookings, protecting their customers’ data, and improve on the labour-intensive processes involved in taking payments.


Flannery’s of Galway is a popular choice for many people who visit Galway, as it is in close proximity to the city centre, tourist attractions, hospitals and Galway’s largest corporate business parks and industrial estates.

The Challenge

Like many hotels, Flannery’s Hotel want to secure their bookings, protect their customers’ data, and improve on the labour-intensive processes involved in taking payments. In particular they had a problem with implementing a secure and efficient procedure for charging credit or debit cards when the card wasn’t present on the request of the customer.

The process they previously had was manual and time consuming for both customer & reservations staff. It was not ideal from a security standpoint and was also a poor customer experience and prone to errors. 

The Solution

Having experienced first-hand the simplicity of Prommt in their sister hotel, the Ashling Hotel, Dublin, management of Flannery’s saw the solution to all of their payment pain points. Flannery’s adopted Prommt in late 2018, and have found that they are already cutting costs, saving time and increasing staff productivity. Within their first month of using Prommt they have eliminated costly manual processes leaving their staff free to focus on the needs of their guests.

They now process all card not present transactions; Corporate event bookings, over the phone reservations, and gift vouchers via Prommt. The reservations and front desk staff log into Prommt and email payment requests to their guests. This is fully branded communication and the payment link directs the customer to a secure payment form embedded in the hotel’s website, meaning it is a highly secure way to pay.

Flannery's Hotel Bar
Flannery's Hotelroom

“Prommt has streamlined our payment processes whilst also enhancing our customer service. We would be happy to recommend it to anyone.”

Michelle O’Connor – Reservations Manager | Flannery’s Hotel, Galway

The Results

Flannerys have managed to secure their payments from card fraud and chargebacks and delight their customers with a great payment experience. Their staff, and more importantly, guests love it. According to Flannery’s the feedback from corporate customers is all positive and they don’t feel insecure about handing company card details over.

The manual effort has been replaced with the quick and easy Prommt process. The client has reported that all payment requests sent are paid within that day and 40% of customers pay within 15 minutes.