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Find out how Prommt has helped Flexirent with High Volume Payment Collection


Flexirent is a finance provider offering a consumer hire agreement, enabling customers to spread the cost of the latest technology, furniture or other consumer goods without a big upfront payment. Flexirent is offered in over 400 stores across Ireland, giving customers the ability to pay over 12, 24, or 36 months, with the option to buy, upgrade or return the goods at the end of the rental plan.

The Challenge

Flexirent’s helpdesk was inundated with requests from customers looking to make payments over the phone. This high volume of calls was placing a heavy burden on the Flexirent helpdesk where the team found it difficult to assist general customer queries in a timely manner. This caused Flexirent to consider other payment options, as well as their readiness for GDPR and the growing need to secure customer data and manage communications.

Flexirent sought a solution that would combine GDPR-compliant customer communications with a secure end-to-end payment process, providing their customers with a fast, secure payment method where customers could make a payment at any time.

The Solution

Flexirent signed up to Prommt in 2017 and have used the solution to send payment requests and late payment reminders out to their customer base. Customers who miss payments are sent a payment request via SMS or email using Prommt’s bulk send capability, and are able to pay directly using a secure link.

Prommt offered them more flexible ways to pay, as the request could be paid with a different card, or forwarded to someone else for payment. For those customers who didn’t pay quickly, Prommt sends regular reminders and repeat payment requests to them.

“Prommt is now an integral part of Flexirent’s payment collections solution. I’d highly recommend it to any company seeking to collect high volume payments”

PJ Byrne – Head of Business Development, Sales & Marketing

The Results

Adopting Prommt has enabled Flexirent to automate the process of sending payment requests, scheduling delivery at customer-friendly times and setting up reminders. This puts customers in control of when and how to pay and gives Flexirent the tools to communicate with those that needed further assistance, all while remaining GDPR compliant.